Thursday, April 19, 2012

RIP Nicola Tirone

Italian singer Niocola Tirone died on April 12, 2012 in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, Italy. He was 67. The lead singer of Nico e I Gabbiani (Nico and the Seagulls) was born in Sambuca, Sicily and achieved much success in the '60s, especially with the song ‘Parole’, recorded with his group I Gabbiani (The Seagulls). Other hit songs were ‘Amore, Ritornerà l'estate’ (1968) and ‘Fiumi di parole’ (1969). After the group disbanded Tirone began a solo career in 1971 and released a single ‘Cento campane’, written by Fiorenzo Fiorentini and Romolo Grano. In the same year he released “Un raggio di sole” an Italian version of the 1969 hit by Sheila. In 1975 he took part in the Festival of Sanremo with the song “Io credo”. Nico and the Seagulls sang “Come se fosse gia’autunno” for the Euro-western “I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly (1967) starring Mike Marshall.

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