Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday Ida Galli

Ida Galli was born on April 9, 1942 in Sestola, Italy. She is best known as Evelyn Stewart in several roles in Spaghetti Western films in the 1960s and 1970s. Galli has made over 60 film appearances since 1960, starring in films such as “Adios Gringo”, “Blood For a Silver Dollar” (both 1965) alongside Giuliano Gemma (Montgomery Wood). Galli has also used the aliases Arianna Galli, Ina Galli, Arianna Heston, Isli Oberon, Priscila Steele, Evelin Stewart, Eveline Stewart, Evelyn Stewart, Evelyne Stewart, Ewelin Stewart, Eveline Sthewart. In her Euro-western career she has appeared in 13 Euro-westerns beginning with “Charge of the 7th” in 1964 to “A Man Called Invincible” (1973). The beautiful Galli usually plays the love interest of the starring actor but has also appeared as wives of towns doctors, lawyers and villains. Galli is the mother of occasional child actor Alessandro Cocco [1964- ]. Galli last appeared on screen in the 1991 film “À la poursuite de Barbara”. Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the leading ladies of the Euro-western Ida Galli who turns 70.

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