Saturday, April 21, 2012

Luke and Lucy: The Texas Rangers

Suske en Wiske: De Texas rakkers – Belgium title
Bob et Bobette – les diables du Texas – French title
Luke & Lucy y los Rangers de Texas – Argentinian title
Spike and Susy: The Texas Rangers – English title
Luke and Lucy: The Texas Rangers – English title

A 2007 Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg co-production [Skyline Entertainment, Lux Animation, Co Toon, Bos Bos, WAT Productions (Luxemburg)]
Producer: Eric Wirix, Jan Theys, Wim Bien, Mark Mertens, Sjef Scholte 
Director: Wim Bien, Mark Mertens
Story: Willy Vandersteen
Screenplay: Guy Mortier, Dirk Nielandt
Animation: Larry Ruppel [color]
Music: Ian Marien
Song: “Bad Girl” sung by Beverly Jo Scott
Song: “The Land of Milk and Honey” sung by Arno and the Flying Carrots
Song: “Yellow Rose” sung by Maurane and Beverly Jo Scott
Song: “Dat Ben Jij” sung by Jim Bakkum
Running time: 86 minutes

Suske/Spike/Luke, Wiske/Suzy/Lucy, Manuel, Ranger Tom, Tante Sidonia, Jules, Jerom, Miss Missy, Rik, Sheriff, Theofiel/Theodore, Lambrik, Bill Buster, Professor Barabas

Luke and Lucy, two inseparable friends, have to help out the Texas Rangers to prevent Jim Parasite from taking over the world. Dark City, Texas: the evil and mysterious Jim Parasite terrorizes the city and is plotting to become the biggest and most powerful man in the world. He captures the Texas Rangers, but one of them manages to escape and calls upon Luke and Lucy for help.


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