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Gringo dispare sem piedade – Brazilian title
Den laengste jagt – Danish title
Tire, Django, tire – French title
Im Staub der Sonne – German title
Pyrovolise, Gringo, pyrovolise! – Greek title
Spara, Gringo, spara – Italian title
Rainbow all’ultimo minute – Italian title
Stark el pistolero – Spanish title
Den längsta jakten – Swedish title
Shoot Gringo… Shoot! – English title
The Longest Hunt – English title

A 1968 Italian production [Cemofilm (Rome)]
Producer: William Sachs
Director: Frank B. Corlish/Billy Michaels (Bruno Corbucci)
Story: Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci
Screenplay: Dean Whitcomb (Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci)
Cinematography: Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor, Cromoscope]
Music: Richard Ira Silver (Sante Romitelli)
Song: “Rainbow… vorrei… vorrei” sung by Little Tony (Antonio Ciacci)
Running time: 100 minutes

Chad Stark/Django – Brian Kelly
Fidel/David – Fred Munroe (Fabrizio Moroni)
Major Charlie Doneghan – Keenan Wynn (Francis Wynn)
Sally/Jocelyn/Jennifer Londonberry – Erika Blanc (Enrica Colombatto)
Major York/Norton – Rick Austin (Caterino Bertaglia)
Don Miguel Quintana/Hernando Gutierrez – Folco Lulli
Dona Sol Quintana/Gutierrez – Virginia Field (Ermelinda Siniscalchi)
Davy – Charles Weber (Giovanni Pallavicino)
Sergeant Peck – Duane Bowland (Lugi Bonos)
Gunther – Enzo Andronico (Vincenzo Andronico)
Warner – Roland Bartop (Roger Beaumont)
Sheila – Krista Nell (Doreis Kristanel)
Rosita – Bonnie Miles (Lina Franchi)
Pablo – James Mendez
Fuertas – Armando Garcia
Doneghan’s soldiers – Mark Melott, Tex Kirchner, Van Lanen, George Thurber, Reb Buchanan
Tina – Manuela Rivera
Bartender – Steve Harper
Miguel – Manuel Juarez
Sheriff – Samuel Stevens
Deputy Sheriffs – Paul Wolff, Peter Breeze
Doctor – Clive Stancon (Ignazio Leone)
Doctor’s wife – Henrietta Vigne
Mr. Londonderry – Furio Meniconi
Mrs. Londonderry – Arlene Sanders (Arlene Saunders)
Heathcliff – Pajarito (Murriz Brandariz)
Army officer – Carl Mann
Soldiers – Gil Lockwood, Francis Langoise, David Glass, Corey Shelton, John Scarsdale, Victor Green, Herbert Potter, Dale Anderson
Bandidos – Jose Ruiz Cotine, Porfirio Tamayo, Jerry Downes, Diego Cardenas, Phil Peters, Emiliano Aleman, José Manuel López L., Alvarado Arnez, Eric Fisher, Antonio López, Robert Anthony (Espartaco Santoni)
Don Hernando henchman – Osiride Pevarello, Bruno Arié
With: Leo Gavero, Luca Sportelli, Pasquale Basile, Jimmy il Fenomeno (Luigi Soffrano)
[Many of these Americanized aliases cannot be substantiated as actual actor's aliases or can I determine who the real actor is. Most of the Americanized names appear on only the U.S. release credits]

Chad Stark, deserts his regiment to take revenge on a certain Warner, and kills four employees of the Mexican rancher. Stark is captured and taken to Don Miguel for a past grievance; his life is spared provided that Stark brings his runaway son Fidel back to the ranchero. Fidel has joined a gang led by Charlie Doneghan known as "The Major". Stark establishes contact with the outlaw, and succeeds, making up a good excuse to take Fidel home. Once his true intentions are known, Fidel takes every opportunity to sneak away, but without success. During the crossing of the desert, without water and left without a horse, Fidel and Stark are rescued by Josette, a beautidul widow, who is on her way to live with family members at a ranch in California. During a stop in a village, Stark is recognized and imprisoned by a sergeant from his former regiment, Fidel, fortunately, not only takes the opportunity to escape, but is working brilliantly to get Stark freed.  After many tribulations Fidel and Stark return to Don Miguel’s hacienda. Stark realizes that he was deceived: the boy, the result of a marital relationship with Miguel’s wife and the rancher Warner, Fidel has been ordered to be killed. Stark and Fidel however, respond as effectively and eliminates Don Miguel and his henchmen before “The Major” arrives to retrieve Fidel. Another shooting occurs and Charlie Doneghan is killed. Tired of killing, Stark decides to join Josette in California and Fidel goes with him.



  1. Hallo!

    Well-known italian actor RIK BATTAGLIA is starring as "Major York/Norton"

  2. In the American release he was billed using the alias Rick Austin.