Wednesday, April 25, 2012

L’uomo dalla Colt Bianca

L’uomo dalla Colt Bianca – Italian title
Una Colt venuta dal nord – Italian title

A 1971 Italian production
Producer: Remigio Soldini
Director: Mario Pinzauti
Story: ?
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: ?
Music: ?

Story: ?

Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella), Dino Strano
[film was never made]

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  1. The film was never made because Tony Kendall was working on "Two Hundred Graves For A Hundred Crosses" as Sartana which also featured Rai Saunders as Thomas. He was also making "Django Defies Sartana" right around the same time so certain circumstances had forced him to make those films instead. Tony Kendall was also up for the lead role in "My Name Is Jericho" which would have also featured Dino Strano, Benito Stefanelli, and Ty Hardin but that film was also never made. Just imagine what would have happened if things were different. Those films would have been made and Tony Kendall would have had more recognition than he already had. Oh well.