Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lucky Luke: Daisy Town

Lucky Luke – French title
Lucky Luke – Argentinian title
Lucky Luke Daisy Townissa – Finnish title
Lucky Luke ja Daltonin veljekset – Finnish title
Lucky Luke – Daisy Town – German title
Lucky Luke, o keravnos tou West – Greek title
Lucky Luke: I poli kindynevei! – Greek title
Lucky Luke és a nagyváros – Hungarian title
Lucky Luke – Italian title
Lucky Luke. Miastesczko Daisy - Polish tittle
Lucky Luke el intrépido – Spanish title
Red Kit – Turkish title
Lucky Luke – English title
Lucky Luke: Daisy Town – U.S.A. title

A 1971 French, Belgium co-production [Dargaud Films, Artistes Associes (Paris), R. Leblanch (Brussels)]
Producers: René Goscinny, Raymond Leblanc
Director: René Goscinny
Story: René Goscinny
Screenplay: Alain De Lannoy, Philippe Landrot, Pierre Tchernia (Pierre Tcherniakowski)
Cinematography: Francois Leonard, Jean Mildre [Eastmancolor]
Music: Claude Bolling
Song: “Poor Lonesome Cowboy” sung by Pat Woods
Song: “Volia le quadrille!” sung by Philippe Clay
Song: “Dalton Theme” sung by Jean Stout
Song: “Daisy Town Saloon Song” sung by Nicole Croisille
Running time: 78 minutes

Lucky Luke, Joe Dalton, William Dalton, Jack Dalton, Averill Dalton, Jolly Jumper, Mathias Bones, Lulu Carbine

Lucky Luke rides into the city of Daisy Town, once a peaceful community but now under constant siege by criminal elements. After running the undesirables out of town, Luke becomes the new sheriff. He's then faced with his biggest challenge in the form of the Dalton Gang (recurring villains in the comic and consisting of brothers Joe, William, Jack and Averell). The Daltons convince a neighboring Native American tribe to declare war on Daisy Town (by telling them if the settlement were allowed to develop they would eventually be forced off their own land, which of course turned out to be completely correct) but Luke is able to quickly negotiate a truce, foiling the Dalton's plans.


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