Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remembering Hans Lucke

Hans Lucke was born in Dresden, Germany on April 25, 1927. He lived a typical East German artist's career. In his childhood he grew up and desired to become an actor. Prevented at first during World War II where he became a prisoner of war. Later he came upon the stage of Görlitz and Dresden to the German Theatre in Berlin, where he wrote successful comedies and then appearing in DEFA Films and on television. Lucke was a director at the National Theatre in Rostock and settled on the Baltic Sea in Zingst because - among other things, at that time there was a direct flight to Berlin. After 1980, he moved to the classical city of Weimar where he retired. Lucke appeared in only one Euro-western “Kit & Co. (1974) with Dean Reed. Today we celebrate Hans Lucke’s 85th birthday.

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