Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New DVDs, Blu-ray Releases ~ Hudson River Massacre

Hudson River Massacre
Director: Amando de Ossorio
Starring: George Martin, Diana Lorys, Luis Marin, Pamela Tudor

Country: U.S.A.
Label: MVD Classics
Blu-ray #MVD3046BR
Region: 0
Discs: 1
Language: English (stereo), Spanish (mono)
Subtitles: English
DVD UPC Code: 760137304593
Blu-ray Code: 760137304685
Blu-ray UPC Code:
Brand new 2K HD transfer, First time ever on DVD and Blu-ray.
Running time: 80 minutes
Available: 2/25/2020

Thou Shalt Not Kill / The Beast
(1969 / 1970)

Directors: Leon Klimovsky / Mario Costa
Starring: Giuseppe (Steven Tedd) Cardillo, Sarah Ross, Alfonso Rojas / Klaus Kinski, Gabriella Giorgelli, Giuseppe (Steven Tedd) Cardillo
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Wild East
# Volume 64
Region: 0
Discs: 1
Aspsect ratio: 16x9 Anamorphic
Language: English
Subtitles: N/A
Extras: photo gallery
Available: 2/25/2020

Paco Barrilado interview

Paco Barrilado: "I think I am between El Feo (The Ugly) and El Bueno (the Good)"

At 4 years of age he was already the sheriff of the celluloid in the neighborhood of El Quemadero

La Voz de Almeria
By Fine Martin
February 15, 2020

Paco Barrilado is 77 years old. C at 4 he was already the sheriff of the celluloid in the neighborhood of El Quemadero. For sixty years he has worked as a stunt double in more than 200 films shot in Almeria. A tough guy who gets excited watching Madison Bridges and has developed a personal philosophy that dismantles the sorrows of those who come to listen to their battles in the cinema.

What did you play as a child?

Like I am living now. I was between 4 and 12 years old. He took a white sheet, cast the shadow of cut-out dolls on it and entertained the entire neighborhood of the Burner. He charged buttons to decorate the dolls and then in cents.

What profile of these do you identify with: of the Good, the Ugly or the Bad?

I think I am between the ugly and the good, although I looked better as a kid; Better than Rock Hudson. You can watch it on the Internet when I worked as a double in more than 200 movies.

Manolo Summers said that "To er mundo é gueno"

My friend Manolo ... I worked with him on the movie “Tierra de Pistoleros” and he drew me a picture after eating some crayfish in Garrucha. He also said that "To er mundo é ... got better!".

And is it really like that?

People are not bad when they are normal, what happens is that when there is any adversity they transcend the psychological genes of men or women. I do not understand evil, envy or theft. You give me art and entertainment and there is happiness within me.

The gunmen are always shown with a loaded shotgun.

The gunman is always a coward because he is always armed.

Does the western not like the weak?

The weak brought them to work, it is that the slaves have always been weak and if the sheriff was docile they did not mess with him.

How do you fix the problems?

I solve my problems by not having them.

A study reveals that one in 10 people feel lonely, did the Lone Ranger have that feeling?

Some, perhaps, others not. A llanero that is in the nature with the cows and with the bulls is entertained, although with the physiological needs he went to the brothels.

In his youth his name was Frank Barry.

Frank for Paco and Barry because in America everyone is called that. It was cinematic (laughs).

Do you feel that your life is that of a celebrity?

Not at all. I will soon fulfill my golden wedding. I have a great woman, two children and two grandchildren.

What do the Tabernas and Mini Hollywood desert mean to you?

Are my life. In Tabernas I grabbed a horse at 6 in the morning and returned it at 7 in the afternoon. Rolling one and a thousand shots combining with the actors, and Mini Hollywood because it's a feeling of mine being alive.

What are the best movies that have been shot in Almeria?

Sergio Leone created an environment like the one Tarantino is now creating. But here have been filmed very good films like those of Cleopatra or Cleopatra and Marco Antonio, Patton, Lawrence of Arabia ... some with Oscar.

An anecdote.

On a break from the movie “Once Upon a Time in the West” Claudia Cardinalle was going down a kilometer on foot to the railroad tracks. I asked her that if she wanted to get on the horse, she weighed 50 kilos, I raised her on one arm.

A tough guy like you have you ever \ried watching a movie? 

No, but I was excited to see “The Bridges of Madison County” and “The Mule”, by Clint Eastwood.

Which is your favorite song?

The soundtracks of “For a Few Dollars More” and “Rocky”. I both have them on my
cell phone.

Who or what has given you the best lesson?

Without a doubt, life, because it teaches you to see things that you could never imagine. I put myself in a relaxing situation and I paint the light of the Mediterranean. I have already done five exhibitions with my paintings.

You are very philosophical; tell me an inspiring thought out loud.

Honest and orderly life and use few remedies, and put all means in not rushing for anything. Moderate food, exercise and fun, drink in moderation, go out for a while, little confinement and much treatment, and much occupation.

What plan do you have for today?

I am working on the script of my new film, a western for which I want to count on the collaboration of José María Lindes. But today I also have to go to the gym. You have to always be on the move.

Special Birthdays

Adriana Vega (actress) is 60 today. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Raccolta Albobusta Rossa

Alba Busta Rossa was a comic book series which totaled 60 issues which were divided into 4 series each containing 15 books which were placed on the market at the same time. The published stories all contained different historical settings including Perry and Pit a western adventure series created by Ivo Pavone with artwork and drawings by Solano Lopez. The other three adventure series consisted of:

Peter Roll series. A history of the sci-fi heroes Crema and Spaccabue, drawn by Solano Lopez.

Pampa Heroes series. Made by Carlo Roume with the title of "Patria veja". Among the stories in the appendix also "Lucky Lupo" by Renzo Orrù.

Marine series. Submarine adventures designed by Mario Cubbino and Ferdinando Tacconi which had already appeared in Piccolo Sceriffo - Serie Oro (1953/1954).

This comic book series was published weekley in 1959 by the Torelli Publishing House in Milan, Italy. Each issue contained 28 pages with a mixture of color and black and white pages and covers.

Each series contained a prize voucher. By completing the series of the four prize vouchers, you were entitled to a gift bag (Bustalbo) which contained assorted books.

Unfortunately no title listing is available.

Special Birthdays

Chano Urueta (actor) would have been 125 today, he died in 1979.

Pete Duel (actor) would have been 80 today, he died in 1971.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Gisela Hahn and Elena Pedemonte will be coming to the Spencerhill fan base party 2020

In 2020 the film "They Call Me Tinity" celebrates its 50th anniversary. That naturally caused us to celebrate this topic properly for the limited Spencerhill fan base party.

When the topic for the Spencerhill fan base party 2020 was fixed, nobody expected what would develop from it.

And now we can announce more and more guests who participated in the film "They Call Me Trinity".

Gisela Hahn and Elena Pedemonte are of course known to die-hard fans, we will help everyone else with our blog here. They are the two nice blond women with whom Terence Hill tinkers with and, whether serious about Bud or not, even spoke of marriage.

Gisela Hahn was born on May 13, 1943 as Gisela Drenkhan in the small town of Briesen in what was then West Prussia. The advance of the Red Army forced the family to flee. So Gisela came to Hamburg at the age of two. Her parents divorced shortly after the war. While her mother emigrated to Brazil, her father married again and moved with Gisela to Visselhövede on the western edge of the Lüneburg Heath. Here Gisela went to school, participates in a lot of sports and later becomes a heather queen. Sport is her great passion and she dreams of studying at the sports university in Cologne. However, the family lacks the money for her studies. In addition, her stepmother insists that Gisela should leave school after she has finished middle school so that she does not live at home for three years until she has finished school.

After finishing school, Gisela Hahn moved south. In Munich she went to drama school and took acting and singing lessons there. She lived and worked in Fischbachau am Schliersee, where she worked as a medical assistant to pay for her acting classes.

In 1963 she got her first theater engagement. The play is called "A Kiss and Nothing Else" playes at the theater on Brienner Strasse. On the advertising posters, the director of the theater shortened her name to "Gisela Hahn" without Gisela's knowledge. Gisela is unhappy about it because she doesn't like the new name at all. She still keeps it for the next engagement at the Deutsches Theater, because she is told that changing the name will bring bad luck.

Gisela Hahn made the decision in 1968 to leave Munich and Germany and go to Rome.
Italy was the Mecca of European cinema at the beginning of the 1970s. Well over 300 films are made here every year and since the Italians usually synchronize their films afterwards, a great many European and American actors try their luck in the Italian capital during this time.

One day Gisela gets a call in Rome. Can she come to the Paolis film studios because there could be a role for her. Once there, she receives a script that she should read immediately. She reads the script, but doesn't like the role offered to her at all. When she is almost out again, the producer Roberto Palaggi calls after her and aks if she wants to shoot a western. For the sporty Gisela it was always a dream to play in a western and so she says yes.

Palaggi takes her by the hand and walks with her into a hall on the studio premises. There already shooting and in the middle of it is director Enzo Barboni. Palaggi asks Barboni if ​​he likes Gisela, which he answers with a simple "Bellissimo bellissimo". Gisela is told to play a Mormon girl. Her salary is 1 million lire. Gisela accepts with joy and was therefore seen a little later alongside Bud Spencer and Terence Hills in "They Call Me Trinity". The shooting is a lot of fun for Gisela, she describes the collaboration with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill as fantastic. While filming, Gisela writes a card to her friend Horst Sommer. Horst Sommer is a dubbing director, but he also occasionally shows up in Rome to buy Italo-Westerns for the German market. Gisela writes that she is currently shooting an interesting western that is very funny and does not include blood or violence. She suggests to him to strive for the distribution rights for Germany. Horst Sommer follows his girlfriend's advice and buys the rights to the film for $50,000, doing the business of his life. Gisela Hahn receives a bouquet of roses for the mediation.

In 1983, film distributor and producer Dieter Geissler approached Gisela and asked if they could work together. Gisela brings in her relationships, contacts and good language skills and from then on organizes film festivals and the distribution of German films abroad for the "Cinevox" film distributor. Later she worked in the same function for her partner Bodo Scriba in the "Scriba Film Holdings" with which she is involved in the production of “JFK”, “Free Willy”, “Sommersby” and “Falling Down”. In 1999, after her separation from Bodo Scriba, Gisela Hahn left the film business and went on a theater tour.

But Gisela never completely gave up acting. Although she has not had as many appearances as in previous years, she is always seen as a guest star in German TV series, e.g. in "SOKO 5113", "Coast Guard", "Our Charlie" and "Forbidden Love". To date, Gisela is still in front of the camera. She was last seen in December 2019 in the episode "The Lie We Call the Future" from the crime series "Police Call 110".

Elena Pedemonte was born in Milan on May 30, 1952, but grew up in Sanremo, where she lived until 1970. In her childhood she was nicknamed "Aky".

In 1968 Elena won the Italian election for Miss Teenager and subsequently took part in the "Miss World Teenager" election in the USA. As part of this event, she was even welcomed at the White House on April 5 of the year. Australian winner Janette Anne McLeod will be the winner. In 1970 she represented Italy in the election for "Miss Cinema Europa" in Cesenatico.

In 1969 she worked as a radio presenter at Radio Montecarlo. Here she is known by her nickname "Aky". In 1970 she finally switched from the radio to the cinema.
In 1970 she made four films in Rome. It starts with the comedy "Il presidente del Borgorosso Football Club", which started on October 16, 1970. Here she can be seen alongside Alberto Sordi. Her next three films are all Italian westerns. The first of these three westerns is "Wanted Sabata", in which they can be seen alongside Brad Harris.

Her manager Giacomo Ciarlantini then arranges for a casting appointment at the Cinecittà in Rome for a role in a new, strange western. We are looking for actresses who should play young Mormon girls. On this date Elena meets director Enzo Barboni, whom she meets as a very friendly person. She gets the role and a short time later can be seen in "They Call Me Trinity" alongside Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

This role will unfortunately remain Elena's best known, because after that you only see her one last time in a small role in "Blindman". Fate then ended her career before she really started. Elena Pedemonte is the victim of a serious traffic accident in which two people die. Elena survives seriously injured and spends the next five months in the hospital. After that, there is no longer any thoughts of continuing her career. She gives up acting and returns to her family in Sanremo.

Her disappearance after the tragedy creates rumor that Elena had also died in the accident. For example, Gisela Hahn and Remo Capitani still report on Elena's accident death years later in interviews. These rumors will not be refuted until 2013 when fans research their history and find it.

Happiness returns to Elena in Sanremo. She met her first husband and married in 1973. Three years later, her daughter Giorgia was born. In the early 80s, the marriage broke up and Elena moved to Milan, where she worked in advertising. She married a second time in 1989, but the marriage lasted only two years. After her marriage failed, Elena returned to Sanremo in 1991, where she met Paolo a year later. She is not getting married for the third time, but has been happy with Paolo for over 25 years.

In 1999 Elena visited some childhood friends in Mexico. They emigrated there in the late 1980s and lived in the small town of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo on the country's west coast.

An Italian restaurant called "Il Beccofino" opened. Elena immediately falls in love with the place, the country and the people when she visits and decides at some point to want to live there too. Seven years later, in 2006 Elena can finally realize her dream. Since then she has lived happily in Mexico. However, she is still very attached to her Italian homeland and returns every year for at least one month.

Elena Pedemonte loves art and literature and has a great passion for animals and nature.

[SpencerHill Fan Base Party]

From Thursday, May 7th to Mother's Day, May 10th, 2020, a long SpencerHill fan base weekend will be organized for you in the legendary and exclusive SpencerHill City. Sunday is all about "SpencerHill Kids Sunday" under the motto - child-friendly like Bud and Terence - the western town is now also open to regular day visitors. (Of course, a surprise is guaranteed for mothers on Mother's Day)

The SpencerHill Camp at the gates of the city allows you cheap overnight stays directly at the base. Of course, the fan base party remains limited (max 850 tickets) and therefore family and exclusive for you.

The fanbase ticket allows free access to the western city from 07-10 May. - Welcome to the SpencerHill universe!]

Who Are Those Composers? ~ Nora Orlandi

Italian composer Nora Orlandi was born Nora Matilde-Rosa Orlandi in Voghera, Lombardy, Italy on June 28, 1933 sometimes credited under the name Joan Christian and Jan Christiane. The daughter of opera singer Fanny Miriam Campos, and her younger sister is the singer-songwriter Paola Orlandi [1938-    ]. Nora is a pianist, violinist, soprano vocalist, composer and occasional actress. She studied music in the conservatory and composed her first film “Non Vogliamo Morire” in 1953-54 at the age of twenty. She didn't conduct her own music, and composed without instruments, but later wrote her music with the aid of the piano. In a music world dominated by men she was the first female film composer of the Italian cinema, she composed scores for Spaghetti Westerns, Eurospy films and gialli throughout the 1960s and is best known for "Dies Irae", a short piece she wrote and performed for Sergio Martino's “The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh” (1971) which was later reused in Quentin Tarantino's “Kill Bill: Volume 2” (2004). According to her own testimony, her scores were only 30% of her activity, the rest being shows for TV and radio performances. She often worked with collaborators including, Alessandro Alessandroni, Paolo Ormi and Robert Poitevin. Nora founded the singing groups ‘Quartetto 2 + 2’, ‘I 4 + 4 di Nora Orlandi’. In the 1980s she became a music teacher. She married and architect in 1957 and has 2 children.

ORLANDI, Nora (aka Jan Cristiane, Joan Christian) (Nora Matilde-Rosa Orlandi) [6/28/1933, Voghera, Lombardy, Italy -     ] – composer, songwriter, singer, musician (piano, violin), daughter of opera singer Fanny Miriam Campos sister of singer, songwriter Paola Orlandi [1938-    ], married to architect ? (1955-    ), founded the singing groups ‘Quartetto 2 + 2’,  ‘I 4 + 4 di Nora Orlandi’.
Heroes of the West – 1963 [sings “"La ragazza del saloon"]
Death at Owell Rock – 1966 (co)
Fort Yuma Gold* - 1966 (co) [sings: “Don’t Cry Cowboy”]
Gunman Called Nebraska - 1966
Johnny Yuma* – 1966
A Golden Sheriff – 1966 [as Jan Cristiane]
Savage Gringo – 1966 [sings: “Cuando se muere el sol with ” 4x4 di Nora Orlandi]
Death at Owell Rock - 1967
$10,000 for a Massacre* – 1967
Vengeance is Mine – 1967* [sings: “Captain Brown” with Orlandi 4x4]
One More to Hell – 1968 [sings: “Forgive and Not Forget” with 4x4 chorus]
Blindman – 1971
These Damned Pounds of Gold - 1971
Man of the East* - 1972 [sings: “Jesus Come to My Heart” with 4x4 chorus]
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow - 1972
The Prey of Vultures – 1972

* Available on CD