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Leipzig - The Serbian-German actor Gojko Mitic (80) embodied numerous historical and fictional personalities of native American people in the GDR. He’s reported how a single phone call turned his entire life upside down and what he had to say about the discussion about the use of the term "Indian".

[Gojko Mitic (80) initially only earned pocket money as a young student with his numerous film offers.]

Since the 1960s Mitic had repeatedly made smaller and larger appearances on television, his big appearance as chief Tokeiihto he had in 1966 in the DEFA western film "The Sons of the Great Bear". How he got the role was more or less a coincidence, as the now 80-year-old riverboat presenter Jörg Kachelmann (62) reported.

"Well, I had already made a couple of Indian films with Karl May in the Federal Republic of Germany, and DEFA has set its sights on making Indian films as well. Karl May's books had already been sold for the film, so they were considering making their own films and their own stories," Mitic recalled.

As a physical education student at the time, the film offers gave him the opportunity to earn some extra money.

"And one day the phone rang for me. I had already packed up and actually wanted to go out the door and then picked it up anyway. It was the secretary of Yugoslavia-Film who said: Thank God that I can reach you. You have to come to us immediately, please. I said: I have to go to the ski immediately! She said: Please, please come to us immediately, DEFA is here and wants to speak to you. So I'm there," said Mitic about the unusual Call.

Mitic sums up his career: "If I hadn't answered the phone, I wouldn't be here today!"

Since the then 26-year-old could both ride and could speak German, the producers hired him straight away.

[Gojko Mitic played the Indian chief Tokeiihto in the DEFA film "The Sons of the Great Bear" in 1966.] 

"If I hadn't answered the phone, I wouldn't be here today. I was also able to help a lot with the implementation of this film. I also did all the stunts myself because I always said: A double doesn't do it as well as I do", Mitic looked further back.

Incidentally, Mitic cannot understand the current discussion about the designation "Indian". The term "Indians" is viewed by some members of indigenous tribes as problematic or discriminatory, as this name does not come from the indigenous people themselves furthermore, it is regarded by some parties as offensive if one disguises oneself as an Indian for Mardi Gras or Carnival.

"I honestly don't understand how one can understand Indians as a swear word. Karl May already brought us closer to the Indians. He made an Apache his blood brother. We like these people. Let's go back in history. There you have someone who discovered a continent and thought he was in India. That is why the people there were called Indians. But it was America," summarized Mitic.

But then he also gave in: "Maybe we can call you differently: the real Americans! They have lived there for thousands of years."

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Effective Karl May premiere in Pullman City

Karl May & Co.

June 4, 2021

The Karl May Games Pullman City Bayern started yesterday evening in Eging am See: The premiere of the production “Winnetou and the Bear Hunter's Son” was only watched by 250 spectators in summery weather - not a sign of disinterest on the part of the audience, but a consequence a condition to meet the currently valid Corona regulations in Bavaria.

So the organizers had to refer numerous interested parties to later performances. A few days before the start of the season, against the background of the Corona restrictions, it was still completely unclear whether the premiere could take place as planned, but the Pullman City managing directors Ernst Grünberger and Claus Six finally managed to get the written approval from the authorities so that Winnetou could ride on schedule.

The audience at the premiere experienced a fast-paced, atmospheric production (written and directed by Mike Dietrich), which is characterized by its closeness to Karl May as well as its high show value and a strong ensemble. In the latter, Alexander Milz as the bear hunter's son, Felix Maria Berger as Wohkadeh, Yves Vaucher as Brave Buffalo and Dominique Mona Güttes as Ahyoka were particularly convincing. While Milz had already caused a sensation last year as Old Surehand, Berger, Vaucher and Güttes made their Pullman City Karl May debut. Vaucher already appeared in the Engelberger Felsengebirge in 2019 when the Karl May games there showed "Winnetou and the Oil Prince"; Vaucher embodied the butler at the time. Vaucher's colleague Fred Lobin, who is also making his debut in Pullman City this year, also worked in Engelberg, Switzerland: He can be seen as the Chief of Schwerer Moccasin and delivers a solid performance. In addition to Engelberg, Lobin has also appeared in Karl May roles at the Burgrieden Festival. With Ulf Gerspacher as the bear hunter, Mike Dietrich's production featured another Karl May import: Gerspacher, actually a cook, was - like Mike Dietrich - already a small actor in the Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg. His Pullman City debut was just as successful as that of a bird of prey that majestically swept its lanes over the arena. worked - like Mike Dietrich - as a small actor in the Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg. His Pullman City debut was just as successful as that of a bird of prey that majestically swept its lanes over the arena. worked - like Mike Dietrich - as a small actor in the Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg. His Pullman City debut was just as successful as that of a bird of prey that majestically swept its lanes over the arena.

Cattle and bison that ran across the stage as well as numerous pyrotechnic special effects at Elspe level, which made the finale particularly effective, contributed to the high show value of the production.

Director Dietrich, whose staging shows his affection for the Segeberger Karl May Games - some scenes seem like a tribute to the North German Festival - succeeded again in the humorous part - this year with Max Hartl as Dicker Jemmy and Jochen Brand as Langer Davy - to be integrated into the plot in a beneficial way and not to be provided with extravaganza. Solid performances were also offered by “Old Shatterhand” Stefan Wimmer, who appeared in the Lex Barker memory outfit, and “Winnetou” Ivica Zdravkovic, whose sportiness and positive charisma impressed. Zdravkovic's Sauerland-colored tongue was much less of a disadvantage this year than before. Speaking of sound: Gordon Piedesack's extraordinary narrator voice came out of the loudspeakers again, which are part of a new sound system in Pullman City. The organizers have continued to invest in the festival area, which is also reflected in the expansion of the stage design and the lighting system.

You can see "light at the end of the Corona tunnel", it was said at the opening address by managing directors, local politicians and the Pullman City clergy. In the next few days the decision is to be made as to whether the permitted number of spectators can be increased from 250. After the successful premiere of “Winnetou and the Bear Hunter's Son”, which Claudia Jung, a member of the ensemble from the previous year, attended, the production is to be played up to and including September 12th. A total of 57 performances are planned. Info:

For 2022, the production of "Winnetou I" is planned for the Karl May Games Pullman City Bayern.