Tuesday, June 25, 2019

RIP Bruno de Keyzer

Bruno de Keyzer, Bertrand Tavernier's beloved chief camera operator, died on June 25, 2019 in Villerville, Calvados, France. He was 69. He received a Caesar for best photography in 1985. He was the cinematographer fetish Bertrand Tavernier with whom he has worked many times including A Sunday in the Country, Round Midnight, The Passion of Beatrice, Princess of Montpensier ... renowned Professional. Bruno was the cinematographer on the 1996 Euro-western “The North Star” starring James Caan and Christopher Lambert.

25 The Documentary "Searching for Winnetou" comes to German television

"Winnetou – Der deutsche Indianer " (the German title) is about the Indian enthusiasm of the Germans. It will be first broadcast on Winnetou's fictional 145th birthday: September 2, 2019

Canadian author Drew Hayden Taylor (Photo: ZDF Enterprises / HISTORY)

What do North American Native Americans and Karl May's character Winnetou have in common? Where does the fondness of many Germans for the Indians come from? Two years ago, Canadian writer Drew Hayden Taylor, a member of the First Nations himself, decided to travel to Germany to meet with local Native Americans for his TV documentary "Searching for Winnetou." to deal with Karl May and his fascination of the American West. Following in the footsteps of Germans' indigenous love, Taylor drove across the republic: from Bad Segeberg via Pullman City to Radebeul. And he meets ex-Winnetou actor Gojko Mitic for an interview.

In the western town of Pullman City in the Bavarian Forest, Taylor met hobbyists who dress like prairie Indians there and try to convey their culture, but also the fate of the North American natives. And so, too, the Canadian author met other natives who perform dances and answer the park visitors' questions about the history of their ancestors.

At the Karl May Museum Radebeul curator Robin Leipold showed the filmmaker Villa Bärenfett and Villa "Shatterhand." "For the Germans, Winnetou is like Superman," said Robin Leipold. Previously, Taylor was convinced seeing a performance of "Old Surehand" Karl May Games Bad Segeberg the Superman status of Winnetou, then still embodied by Jan Sosniok. The Canadian author also spoke with the scientists Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Lutz (University of Greifswald) and Maryann Henck (Leuphana University Lüneburg) - and with the Native Red Haircrow, who himself made a documentary ("Forget Winnetou") and who considers the American Indian hobbyists extremely critical.

Now comes the 45-minute documentary for the first time on German television. Under the title "Winnetou - The German Indian" it will show on the History TV channel (receivable via Sky, Vodafone, Telekom / Magenta, Unitymedia) on Monday, September 2, 2019, at 19.20 o’clock - and so, it goes to Karl May, on the 145th anniversary of the death of Winnetou: May 1899 had written for his readers: "Winnetou was born in 1840 and was shot on 9/2/1874."

The station repeats "Winnetou - The German Indian" on Sunday, December 1, 2019, on the occasion of the annual exhibition "The Germans and their Indians" of the Karl May Museum Radebeul (12/1/2019 to 11/29/2020).

Special Birthdays

Gianni Baghino (actor) would have been 100 today, he died in 1995.

Robert Charlebois (actor) is 75 today.

Monday, June 24, 2019

RIP Andrei Kharitonov

On the evening of June 23, 2019 after a long illness the famous Soviet actor Andrei Kharitonov died. He died one month before his 60th birthday. Andrey Igorevich Kharitonov was born on 25 July 1959 in Kiev. In 1980 he graduated from the Kiev national University of theatre, cinema and television. Karpenko-Kary. In the same year, Soviet television showed the serial film “The Gadfly”, in which Kharitonov played Arthur Burton. His debut made a splash. The audience admired not only the game but also the beauty of the actor. He was immediately called to Moscow. From 1984 to 1990, he became a leading actor of the Maly theater. Kharitonov continued to play. Most popular films with his participation have become “the Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta”, “Secret” “Blackbirds”, “The Invisible Man”, “the Riddle of Anthousa”. He was married to pianist, actress Olga Seregina. He starred as Joaquin Murieta in the 1983 Russian Euro-western; “The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta”.

European Western Comic Books ~ Tom Clay - Freddy Ranch

THE ALBI OF ADVENTURE on the move (Tom Clay - Freddy Ranch) first published on February 24, 1949 continued until May 12, 1949. A total of 12 issues published by E.P.I. in Milan, Italy with each issue consisting of 16 black and white pages with color covers. The comic book told the adventures of TOM CLAY, the little knight of the West by Leandro Biffi (Markus), and those of FREDDY RANCH. 12 albums appear for a total of 14 episodes (sometimes two per number). The dates on the front cover do not coincide with those in the total series, which are offset by a week. Announced, but never published, n. 13 "Hawkeye Eye".

01 (24.02.1949) - "La grande rivolta" (The Great Revolt)
02 (03.03.1949) - "L'assedio di Fort Moresby" (The Siege of Fort Moresby)
03 (10.03.1949) - "Il coraggio della disperazione" (The Courage of Despair)
04 (17.03.1949) - "Bravo Jackie!" (Bravo Jackie!)
05 (24.03.1949) - "Il tradimento del Guercio" (The Treason of the Guercio)
06 (31.03.1949) - "La prateria in fiamme" (The Prairie on Fire)
07 (07.04.1949) - "La vendetta del bandito" (Revenge of the Bandit)
08 (14.04.1949) - "Caccia all’uomo" (Man Hunting)
09 (21.04.1949) - ?
10 (28.04.1949) - "La pista maledetta" (The Cursed Trail)
11 (05.05.1949) - "La capanna del diavolo" (The Devil’s Hut)
12 (12.05.1949) - "Il picco dell'aquila" (The Eagle’s Peak)