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Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Ettore Bruson

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Ettore Bruson is/was an Italian film actor who is credited with one film role and that was in the 1968 Spaghetti western “Due volte giuda” (Twice a Judas).

BRUSON, Ettore [Italian] – film actor.

Twice a Judas – 1968

Who Are Those Guys ~ Angelo Dessy


Angelo Desideri was born in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy on July 10, 1907. He appeared in over fifty films in a thirty plus years career from 1940 to 1974. Angelo graduated from the Experimental Center of Cinematography in acting and made his debut in 1940 with “The Siege of the Alcazar” by Augusto Genina and later played various minor roles. In 1944 he moved to Venice, under the aegis of the Italian Social Republic. After the war he appeared in around thirty films, the last in 1974. 

His stern features made him perfect for villainous roles in crime films, dramas and westerns. Billed as Angelo Dessy, Angelo Dessi and James Harrison he appeared in six Spaghetti westerns.

Dessy died in Rome on July 17, 1983, one week after his 76th birthday.

DESSY, Angelo (aka Angelo Desideri, Angelo Dessj, Carlo Dessy, James Harrison) (Angelo Desideri) [7/10/1907, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy – 7/17/1983, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – film actor.

The Return of Pancho Villa - 1950

Kill Johnny Ringo – 1966 (David Jackson) [as James Harrison]

Amen – 1969

El Puro – 1969 (Charlie)

Shango – 1970 (Pedro) [as Angelo Dessj]

Blood River – 1973 (Luke) [as Angelo Dessi]

Special Birthdays

Augusto Lega (actor) would have been 110 today but died in 1990.

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Little Known SW Actors Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Francho Bruño

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Francho Bruño is/was a Spanish actor. According to the IMDb he has only four film credits. He was only active in films for a three-year period from 1973-1974. Among his four films was one Spaghetti western; “Si quieres vivir... dispara” (If You Shoot... You Live!) in 1974.

BRUNO, Francho (Francho Bruño) [Spanish] – film actor.

If You Shoot... You Live! – 1974

The 10 Best Italian Westerns That Came Out After the Spaghetti Era

Despite the relative silence in the world of the Spaghetti Western, these ten films continued to carry the mantle of the dying genre.


By Mohamed Ndao

May 7, 2024

The Spaghetti Western is a type of movie made by Italian filmmakers meant to emulate the Westerns that premiered in America. Filming in Southern Italy or Spain, these films sought to specifically capture the depictions of masculinity, freedom and justice commonly displayed. The Golden Age of the Spaghetti Western ran from the early 60s to the late 70s, bringing with it some of the most esteemed Westerns in the entire genre. These include the likes of Django, A Fistful of Dollars, Sabata, and plenty of other classics that are too numerous to count.

Despite the relative silence in the world of the Spaghetti Western, these ten films continued to carry the mantle of the dying genre from the 80s to the present day, with major directors finding inspiration from the genre and reviving it for their works.

10 Gunslinger's Revenge (1998) finds Leonardo Pieraccioni, Harvey Keitel and David Bowie in a dramatic adaptation of a novel penned by Italian author Vincenzo Pardini. Set in 1860, the film opens with Doc (Pierraccioni), a doctor living with his wife, who is Native American, and their son in a "Far West" town that borders Canada. After his father, a sunglinger named Johnny (Keitel), arrives, tensions not only rise but spill into the town with the arrival of Johnny's arch-nemesis, Jack Sikora (Bowie).

A Slightly Humorous Spaghetti Western Showdown

While the Giovanni Veronesi-directed film stands as one of the highest grossing Spaghetti Westerns, earning $6.7 million in Italy, many fans found much to critique about the film's plot, writing, and overall direction. The decision to make an Italian Western almost two decades beyond its era of relevance proved to be contentious in its own right. However, the film remains enjoyable for anyone looking for a back-to-basics Spaghetti Western with a devious yet alluring portrayal by David Bowie and hints of comedy that suggest the film does not take itself too seriously. Gunslinger's Revenge is not available on streaming.

9 Doc West (2009) is one of many Terence Hill-led Italian Westerns. His latest addition to the genre, the 2009 film sees Hill portray the titular character, chasing after bandits who robbed him of money he meant to send to a boarding school in Boston. After helping a bystander named Silver (Benjamin Petry), the two return to Holysand, Silver's home, where they become embroiled in a series of conflicts that lead to painful secrets being revealed and formidable bonds formed.

A Comical, Unusual Story Of Love

Doc West's dedication to comedic storytelling renders it one of the more favorable Spaghetti Westerns in recent memory. Between Doc and Silver's camaraderie and the hidden truth behind Doc's envelopes, Doc West is both heartwarming and dramatic, balancing the key characteristics of the Italian Western with an accessible, amusing tone that brightens the story. It's also worth noting that Doc West is one of only a handful of directorial credits attached to Hill, as he co-directed the project alongside Giulio Base. Stream Doc West on Freevee.

8 Jonathan of the Bears (1993) is an Italo-Russian collaboration that stars Franco Nero as Jonathan, a child left alone after a violent encounter leaves him without a family. Raising himself alongside a small cub, the two come across a group of Native Americans who decide to raise them as one of their own. After a nefarious tycoon discovers oil in the village, an adult Jonathan steps up to the challenge in hopes of defending his newfound family.

A Decently Woven Tale of Loyalty and Resilience

Jonathan of the Bears balances great action scenes with an intriguing conflict that serves as a sturdy foundation for compelling character development. Furthermore, the risks Jonathan faces only intensify the struggle for power at hand, and decently illustrates the continued disenfranchisement of Indigenous Americans as well as Jonathan's history of grief. Those familiar with director Enzo G. Castellari's previous collaboration with Nero, Keoma, will no doubt find similarities between that film and Jonathan of the Bears as well. Jonathan of the Bears is currently unavailable on streaming.

7 Sons of Trinity (1995) sees Keith Neubert and Heath Kizzier offer the genre a new set of dynamic duos in an underrated Western film. One of many films in the Trinity series, Sons of Trinity follows Trinity (Kizzier) and Bambino (Neubert), the sons of celebrated heroes of the same name. This story finds the two paired up against an Anglo gang and a Mexican gang, both of whom are responsible for disrupting the otherwise quaint life in the West that Trinity and Bambino have set out for themselves.

The Last Film Directed by Enzo Barboni

Falling in line with the comedic tune of prior films, The Sons of Trinity offers a swift, comedic escape for anyone looking to discover a new subgenre on a weekend afternoon. While fans of the series have come to the consensus that the film does not reach the highs of its predecessors, Sons of Trinity still remains an amusing film for anyone looking at the state of spaghetti westerns after its rise and fall. It would be the last of the Trinity films to be directed by Enzo Barboni, who would sadly pass away in the early 2000s. Stream Sons of Trinity on Tubi.

6 Troublemakers (1994) is one of a number of celebrated Spaghetti Western films starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, with this one in particular being their last. The comical yet compelling duo star as two feuding brothers who return to their maternal home in time for the holidays. With Christmas rapidly approaching, their mother attempts to mend broken bonds. However, their relationship does not show any sign of improvement until they are both roped into the larger pursuit of an outlaw named Sam Stone (Boots Southerland).

The Swan Song of a Dynamic Duo’s Collaboration

While loyal fans of the duo concede that Troublemakers does not hold a candle to the duo's more popular works, the nostalgia-inducing reunion, coupled with a story centered around Christmas and the action-packed, yet sentimental story, still carries some of the magic that Hill and Spencer's collaborations are known and adored for. It's a send-off for the duo more than anything else, one that's certain to hit harder for those who've stuck around for their on-screen adventures from the very beginning. Troublemakers is currently unavailable on streaming.

5 Lucky Luke (1991) finds leading man Terence Hill as the titular sheriff of Daisy Town. The Italian Western/comedy largely focuses on Lucky Luke's attempt to maintain some semblance of peace in the town, fighting off bandits and other nuisances. However, a new threat attempts to undermine his efforts by fanning the flames of a silent conflict between the residents of Daisy Town and the Native Americans.

A Heartfelt, Heroic Comedy

An appealing factor about Lucky Luke is the sincerity that shines throughout the film. Hill's passion for the story flows from scene to scene, imagining a heroic comedy that would both satisfy himself and, ideally, the audience. A heartfelt adventure, Lucky Luke saw the main tenets of the Spaghetti Western transformed into a sturdy substratum for an endearing comedy, a decision that may have helped the genre continue to linger around for a bit longer after its decline. As an added bonus, the film's main theme was even composed by Arlo Guthrie, the son of famed folk musician Woody Guthrie. Lucky Luke is currently unavailable on streaming.

4 Tex and the Lord of the Deep (1985) sees Giuliano Gemma star in an adapted version of the eponymous comic book hero. A ranger in his own right, Tex and his partner Kit (William Berger) are tasked with finding a convoy that seemingly disappeared under some unusual circumstances. However, they stumble upon signs of a greater threat and attempt to thwart the secret, venomous plot with what they know best; their guns and their wit.

A Drastic Yet Decent Adaptation

Combining technology and magic, Tex and the Lord of the Deep offers an intriguing premise and an entertaining adventure, even at its most ludicrous moments. Despite the negative reactions to the film, Tex and Kit's excursion into the world of magic is a decent adventure in its own right, with director Duccio Tessari having directed more than a handful of terrific films prior. These include the likes of 1975's Zorro, as well as both A Pistol for Ringo and The Return of Ringo, which both star Giuliano Gemma. Tex and the Lord of the Deep is currently unavailable on streaming.

3 They Call Me Renegade (1987) sees Terence Hill , Ross, in a sentimental yet exciting piece about newfound family, trust and deception. After his friestar alongside his adoptive sonnd is falsely accused and subsequently incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, "Renegade" Luke (Hill) exchanges his optimal life, defined by traveling without any responsibilities, in favor of raising his friend's son Matt (Ross Hill), while attempting to exonerate the latter's father.

An Enjoyable, Crime-Solving Story

They Call Me Renegade is often remembered with a lot more fondness compared to its peers. Even beyond the golden age of the Italian Western genre, Luke and Matt's bond and their dedication to discovering the truth and providing justice for someone near and dear to both of them provides just enough emotional weight to turn this classic tale of two souls meeting on the wrong footing but ultimately forging an impenetrable bond. It's a rare example of a contemporary Western from the time, one that even features a pair of tracks by Lynyrd Skynyrd in its soundtrack. Stream They Call Me Renegade on Freevee.

2 Buddy Goes West (1981) sees Bud Spencer leading a film on his own. Simply wandering around by himself, Buddy (Spencer) stumbles upon a small town where he is mistaken for being a doctor. In spite of this mishap, Buddy is welcomed in by the locals and the group share a slew of hilarious bonding moments that establish Buddy as a new, bright addition to the small town. Unfortunately, he'll have to contend with a series of unruly bandits slowly making their way to town.

A Hard-Hitting Humorous Tale

Aside from the jovial tone of the film and Spencer's uniquely charismatic portrayal, the cinematography is also impressive, with many breathtaking shots of the scenery as well as stellar camera work that captures the various emotions of the characters. Anyone in search of an endearing adventure that features an underrated pair of skilled fighters will surely find a lot to adore about Buddy Goes West. Fans of Ennio Morricone's work will also be happy to know that he provided the score here as well. Buddy Goes West is currently unavailable on streaming.

1 Comin' at Ya! (1981) includes morally gray characters, bombastic action scenes and alluring cinematography that takes a simple story about a bank robber's journey to save his wife and turns it into an exhilarating feat. H.H. Hart (Tony Anthony) has found the love of his life in Abeline (Victoria Abril). However, she is kidnapped by a nefarious character by the name of Pike Thompson (Gene Quintano) during the middle of their romantic wedding day. Aligning with a Scottish Preacher (Lewis Gordon), the two attempt to save Abeline and wreak havoc while doing so 

An Immersive, Action-Packed Rescue Mission

Incorporating 3D into the film, Comin' at Ya! transforms almost fantastical battle scenes into fully immersive showdowns that accentuate the roles of the audience and the participants. H.H. Hart is a compelling protagonist in his own right. With a jaded past and a newfound love, Tony Anthony's performance offers much to admire while retaining some of his character's seedier personality traits. Both the characterization and the cinematographic decisions make way for a captivating story that highlights the malleability of the seemingly restrictive Italian Western film. What's more impressive, however, is that this film seemingly kickstarted a trend of 3D films that were released throughout the 1980s, with notable titles like Jaws 3-D and Friday the 13th: Part III utilizing this technology in the years afterward. Stream Comin' at Ya! on Tubi.

Special Birthdays

Gerd Ehlers (actor) would have been 100 today but died in 1988.

Dan Wool (composer) is 65 today.

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Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Vicente Bañó

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Vicente Bañó Gomis was born in Alicante, Spain on January 2, 1926. Bañó had trained in the Alicante theatre scene in the 1940s and 1950s, Around the age of 25 he went to Madrid to seek his fortune in the world of acting. While he was getting small roles and striving to succeed, he had to work in some other jobs such as advertising agent or traveling salesman. He began his first career in the theatre, joining the famous "Hosts of Valcárcel". He participated in many of the plays written by the famous playwright, such as “King Basjump's Dinner”, “Christmas Evocations” and “Was Cinderella Beautiful?”. He was also part of Agustín Segura's company.

Then a radio producer hired him to do radio dubbing. His great voice and good work did not go unnoticed, and he was soon offered to dub foreign films. In total, he worked on more than 1000 films. Some of the most prominent film characters he dubbed were John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Groucho Marx, Orson Welles, Burt Lancaster, Antony Quinn, Victor Mature and the famous mule Francis.

He also worked in several television series, most notably his roles in ‘Ironside’ and ‘Kojak’, where he voiced the protagonists Raymond Burr and Telly Savalas respectively.

He went on to play some small roles in several Spanish films. But where he really succeeded was always as a dubber.

Although he lived for the rest of his life in Madrid, he often returned to Alicante. In his hometown, he died in 198 at the age of 52 due to an intestinal perforation.

Although Vicente dubbed voices in many Spaghetti westerns he only appeared on screen in only one and that was as a captain in 1963’s “Le tre spade di Zorro” (Three Swords of Zorro) starring Guy Stockwell.

BANO, Vicente (Vicente Bañó Gomis) [1/2/1926, Alicante, Spain – 1978, Spain (intestinal disorder)] – film, voice actor.

Juanito – 1960 [Spanish voice of Alfredo Mayo]

Shadow of Zorro – 192 [Spanish voice of Paul Piaget]

Zorro the Avenger – 1962 [Spanish voice of Emilio Rodríguez]

Duel at the Rio Grande – 1963 [Spanish voice of Folco Lulli]

Gunfight at High Noon – 1963 [Spanish voice of Fernando Sancho]

The Implacable three – 1963 [Spanish voice of Paul Piaget]

Three Swords of Zorro - 1963 (captain) [Spanish voice of Franco Fantasia]

Behind the Mask of Zorro – 1964 [Spanish voice of Roberto Paoletti]

Billy the Kid – 1964 [Spanish voice of Alberto Dalbés]

7 from Texas – 1964 [Spanish voice of Fernando Sancho]

The Terrible Sheriff – 1964 [Spanish voice of Aroldo Tieri]

Welcome Padre Murray – 1964 [Spanish voice of Alfonso Rojas]

Black Eagle of Santa Fe – 1965 [Spanish voice of Brad Harris]

Murieta! – 1965 [Spanish voice of Mike Brendel]

Fall of the Mohicans – 1965 [Spanish voice of Luis Induni]

Hands of a Gunfighter – 1965 [Spanish voice of John Bartha]

The Last Tomahawk – 1965 [Spanish voice of Ricardo Rodríguez]

7 Hours of Gunfire – 1965 [Spanish voice of Adrian Hoven]

Treasure of the Aztecs – 1965 [Spanish voice of Rik Battaglia]

Two Mafiamen in the Far West – 1965 [Spanish voice of Fernando Sancho]

Dollars for a Fast Gun – 1966 [Spanish voice of José Riesgo]

Fort Yuma Gold – 1966 [Spanish voice of Nello Pazzafini]

A Place Called Glory – 1966 [Spanish voice of Lex Barker]

The Taste of Killing – 1966 [Spanish voice of Fernando Sancho]

Vengeance Ranch – 1966 [Spanish voice of Beni Deus]

Tramplers – 1967 [Spanish voice of Joseph Cotton]

Duel in the Eclipse – 1968 [Spanish voice of Fernando Sancho]

God Forgives… I Don’t – 1968 [Spanish voice of Bud Spencer]

The Dead are Countless – 1969 [Spanish voice of José Bódalo]

15 Scaffolds for a Killer – 1969 [Spanish voice of José Manuel Martín]

100 Rifles – 1969 [Spanish voice of Jim Brown]

Bullets Over Dallas – 1970 [Spanish voice of Guillermo Méndez]

Rebels of Arizona – 1970 [Spanish voice of Guillermo Méndez]

Santana Kills Them All – 1970 [Spanish voice of Guglielmo Spoletini]

When Satan Grips the Colt – 1970 [Spanish voice of Aldo Sambrell]

And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave – 1971 [Spanish voice of Frank Braña]

$20,000 for Every Corpse – 1971 [Spanish voice of Juan Cortés]

Garringo – 1972 [Spanish voice of José Bódalo]

The Prey of Vultures – 1972 [Spanish voice of Luis Induni]

A Town Called Hell – 1972 [Spanish voice of Telly Savalas]

Tequila – 1973 [Spanish voice of Roberto Camardiel]

White Fang – 1973 [Spanish voice of Renzo Pevarello]

Land Raiders – 1974 [Spanish voice of Telly Savalas]

The Stranger and the Gunfighter – 1974 [Spanish voice of Lee Van Cleef]

The Great Adventure – 1975 [Spanish voice of Jack Palance]

California – 1977 [Spanish voice of Raimond Harmstorf]

Whisky and Ghosts – 1978 [Spanish voice of Fernando Bilbao]