Monday, October 26, 2020

Lance Rentzel [archive newspaper article]

 New York Daily News

September 28, 1970

Look out, Joe Namath. You’re about to be tackled by the Dallas Cowboys’ Lance Rentzel, one of the best split ends in pro football, who has just announced he will actively pursue and acting career after the Super Bowl game next January. He has two offers, one a spaghetti western for which he would go to Rome and gain Hollywood recognition via the Clint Eastwood route. Rentzel, who is happily married to Joey Heatherton, plans a college tour next spring – “just to rap with the kids about their problems.”

[submitted by Mike Hauss]


European Western Comic Books ~ L’Ardimentoso

THE ARGENTIOUS (Prince Valentino - Gordon - Rip Kirby - Giorgio Ventura - Secret Agent X 9)

This was a collective magazine. After the experience of Viva! the publisher presented a mixed book with the classic heroes of American comics: Giorgio Ventura (GV) (Brick Bradford) by Clarence Gray, Principe Valentino (PV) (Prince Valiant) by Hal Foster, Gordon (GO) by Dan Barry, Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby (RK) and Mel Graff's Secret Agent X-9 (X9). In some issues Ezio Ferraro kept a column and posted on the comic. The series then becomes Superalbo L’Ardimentoso Gordon. Covers were by Paolo Piffarerio (Pif), Franco Donatelli (Frank Donat).

It was first published in 1960 with issue #1 released on 1/7/1960 and ended with #14 on 1/16/1961. It was published by ECG in Milan, Italy under the direction of Andrea Corno with each issue containing 32 black and white pages with color covers


01 (01.07.60) - Senza titolo in copertina (PV) (untitled cover (PV))
02 (16.07.60) - Senza titolo in copertina (GO) (untitled cover (GO))
03 (01.08.60) - Senza titolo in copertina (RK) (untitled cover (RK))
04 (16.08.60) - Senza titolo in copertina (GV) (untitled cover (GV))
05 (01.09.60) - Senza titolo in copertina (X9) (untitled cover (X9))
06 (16.09.60) - Senza titolo in copertina (GO) (untitled cover (GO))
07 (01.10.60) - "Gordon contro la Jena" (GO) (Gordon Against Jena)
08 (16.10.60) - "Il figlio conteso" (RK) (The Disputed Son)
09 (01.11.60) - "I ragazzi spaziali" (GO) (Space Kids)
10 (16.11.60) - "I briganti dello spazio" (GV) (The Brigands of Space)
11 (01.12.60) - "Il dio della vendetta" (GO) (The god of Revenge)
12 (16.12.60) - "La fine di Moko" (GO) (The End of Moko)
13 (01.01.61) - "I super poteri di Gordon" (GO) (Gordon’s Super Powers)
14 (16.01.61) - "Il terrore viene dal cielo" (GO) (Terror Comes from Heaven)

Special Birthdays

 George Margo (actor) would have been 105 today, he died in 2002.






Tilo Pruckner (actor) is 80 today.