Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Terence Hill biography

Biography by Ulf Lüdeke
Publisher: riva
Language: German
ISBN 978-3-86883-203-7
Pages: 240
Available in April 4, 2012

Shy and modest - that's how close friends describe Mario Girotti alias Terence Hill. Therefore, the private life of Bud Spencer's comedy partner is also poorly understood. Hardly anyone knows of Hill's ties to Germany, his preschool years in Lommatzsch, near Dresden, and his youth, in Amelia, Umbria the native town of his father, and then his later life in Rome. Hill has always kept an excessive aversion to violence, such as the role of "Rambo" - Sylvester Stallone and it helped him to world fame. Largely unknown is the darker side, which Terence Hill went through in 1990 with the accidental death of his 16-year-old son Ross. He opens up about - an orphan boy, whom he had adopted in 1973, three days after his birth in Munich with the help of the Karl May film producer and friend, Horst Wendlandt. Ulf Lüdeke has gone on Hills trails and offers in this book the first unknown insights into his life.


  1. When English is available I want to read this!

  2. German... I should be understanding it already but it is really difficult to understand.

    Pedro Pereira

  3. I encourage the publisher to print (or publish for e-books) an English version. I'd buy it in a New York minute!