Saturday, April 14, 2012


Following the sad and untimely death of Vassilis "Bill" Barounis last year, the boutique DVD label Onar Films ceased trading.  In an effort to help Bill's family clear the label's back-stock and raise some much needed funds, respected Turkish film critic and cinema historian Ali Murat Guven is overseeing the sale of what remains of Onar's stock.  Amongst the items for sale are the remaining copies of Onar's release of the Turkish Western KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING (Captain Swing the Fearless).  Onar's deluxe edition of this rare title (limited to 500 copies) features optional English subtitles and a raft of interesting extra features.  A number of Onar's other lovingly assembled DVDs of Turkish pulp/cult cinema titles are available from Ali too.  Follow the link below and click on 'Filmler' to access the list of available titles (all have English subtitles).  They are priced between 25 Turkish Lire (11 Euros/14 Dollars) and 30 Turkish Lire (13 Euros/17 Dollars).

E-mail Ali for details of p&p and PayPal instructions at:  


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