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Who Are Those Composers ~ Gioacchino Angelo

Gioacchino Angelo was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy on August 9, 1899. He was an Italian conductor and composer whose body of work included nine operas, four ballets, a Mass, a pair of symphonies, and music for a number of films. Some of his music can be heard on recordings he made for the Voce del Padrone and Cetra labels.

In Palermo, Angelo studied violin under Franco Tufari and composition under Francesco Cilea and Felice Longo. At the age of 20, he was invited by Pietro Mascagni to collaborate in Palermo on a work entitled Massimo. Umberto Giordano extended an invitation for him to work on the music for two movies, Fedora and Una notte dopo l'opera, in Rome.

The composer's lyrical operas include the critically acclaimed La Coppa di Cipro, which was staged more than 40 times between 1954 and 1959. His other operas are L'ajo nell'imbarazzo, Frate Sole, L'Avvoltoio, Fiamme barbariche, Silvia, Mitsuoko, Il dono del sole, and La boccaccesca, which is based on the Decameron. Angelo's ballets are Scandalo in paese, I denari incantati, Il trenino della neve, and Leggenda Satanica. He also contributed music to the movie Ombre Rosse.

Angelo’s three western scores are for early films which were heavily influenced by American Westerns, therefore his music is very "pre-Morricone", sounding like many American Western scores with touches of European romantic classical music thrown in for good measure.

Gioacchino Angelo died on October 14, 1971 in Ostia Lido, Rome, Lazio, Italy.

ANGELO, Gioacchino (aka G. Angelo, Jioacchino Angelo) [8/9/1899, Palermo, Sicily, Italy – 10/14/1971, Ostia Lido, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – composer, musician (violin), married to ?, father of Cinzia Angelo.
The Dirty Pistols of Dallas* – 1964
     Songs: “Old Ben”, “The Gay Sheriff”, “Love in the Far West” sung by Doris Andrews,
     Liliana Novelli
Colorado Charlie – 1965
     Song: “Cita a las tres” sung by Michelangelo Mignano
Three Dollars of Lead* – 1967
     Song: “Canto del Cowboy” sung by Bruno D’Angelo

[* available on CD]

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