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Who Are Those Composers ~ Angel Arteaga

Ángel Arteaga de la Guía was born in Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, on January 28, 1928. His musical initiation took place in the Beethoven Philharmonic Band in his hometown.

In 1950, he entered the Madrid Royal Conservatory where he studied harmony, fugue, and composition with the professors Vitorino Echevarría, Francisco Calés Pina, and Julio Gómez García. Between 1957 and 1963 he studied at the Staatliche Hoschshule für Musik in Munich with Carl Orff and Harald Genzmer, a disciple of Hindemith. At the same time, he completed three summer courses at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena (Italy) in composition and film music. In Germany he married Waltraud Pizenbauer. During these years he was awarded  several prizes for orchestral works and compositions. awarded the following:

Between 1964 and 1984 he composed music for over 90 films. These included the crime film “The Crimes of Petiot” (1973), the Doug McClure comedy “What Changed Charley Farthing?” (1974), and several thrillers and horror movies, such as “The Mark of the Wolfman” (1968), “El vampiro de la autopista” (The Horrible Sexy Vampire) (1970), “The Glass Ceiling” (1971), “The Fury of the Wolfman” (1972), and “La cruz del diablo” (1975).

Composing music for so many films and documentaries prevented Arteaga from leaving a more extensive body of works for posterity. However, he has left us enough to justifiably situate his figure with the most outstanding of the 1951 generation.

Arteaga died in Madrid, Spain on January 17, 1984.

In 1997 he was posthumously awarded the title "Favorite Son of Campo de Criptana," together with fellow musician and composer Manuel Angulo Sepúlveda. In January 2006, a selection of his most representative works were published on CD, partially performed by the City Orchestra of Granada under the direction of José Luis Temes.

ARTEAGA, Ángel (aka Ramirez Pagan Ángel, Ángel Artega) (Ángel Arteaga de la Guía) [1/28/1928, Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real, Spain – 1/17/1984, Madrid, Madrid, Spain] – composer, conductor,
Behind the Mask of Zorro – 1965 [as Ramirez Pagan Angel]
A Place Called Glory - 1965

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