Monday, July 10, 2017

European Western Comic Books ~ MacCoy

It’s 1848, the war between Mexico and the USA is over. Manos Kelly, who fought under General Scott, finds himself idle and bored. He travels southwest in search of a new job. During his various meetings, he will have many opportunities to put his courage and determination to the test. Antonio Hernandez Palacios (Mac Coy) offers a western that is distinguished first of all by its historical and ethnological richness: the Spanish presence, The gold rush, the settlement of the first settlers, altercations with the Indian ethnic groups and the bandits' feats of arms, as well as other real facts (Fort Alamo). It is also the opportunity for him to cross the path of famous characters like Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, and even Jim Bowie.

Manos Kelly first appeared in November 1970 and continued until 1973. The publication of the equivalent of three albums published by Doncel in Spain, then by Aventures et Voyages (in 1973 and 1974) and by the Associated Humanoids (in 1980) in France. It was originally published by Dardo with artwork by Antonio Hernández Palacios and first appeared as a supplement to Jonny Logan.

Born in Madrid on June 16, 1921, Antonio Hernández Palacios studied ceramics and screen printing at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts, where he was trained by artists like Vazquez Diaz, Jorge Oteiza, Pedro Mozos and Francisco Cossio.

 The Spanish Civil War interrupted his career as a painter and draftsman, particularly in the illustration of movie posters where he was noticed.

 However, for thirty years, until the late sixties, he worked in the advertising field, gaining prestige and popularity, but getting bored in ordering work quite complex to achieve.

His first foray into the 9th art, however, dates back to 1943, with a story based on the Foreign Legion ("El Enmascarado del desierto": four boards in issue No. 268 of Chicos magazine dated 22 September) and two episodes d 'El Capitán Maravillas', a fascicle of espionage proposed   By the Valencia editions.

 Although he also produced twenty-six notebooks of a rather humorous version of the famous "Doc Savage" for the Rollán editions (in 1961), he did not really start in this field until the early 1970s, The western "Manos Kelly", published by the Spanish magazine Trinca.

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