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Who Are Those Composers ~ Augusto Alguero

Augusto Algueró Dasca was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on February 23, 1934. He was the son of composer, songwriter Augusto Algueró Algueró (1907-1992), and composer Rosa Dasca Cariteu (19??-1982).  He attended musical studies at the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona where he also studied medicine.  His musical career began in the 1950s, when he was sixteen years old. Throughout his career he composed more than 500 songs and nearly 200 soundtracks for film and television. The vast majority of his songs were composed with lyrics by Antonio Guijarro and sung by many famous Spanish artists which were very successful. Thus his name became very popular in Spain and in America. The many singers who requested their collaboration and he composed songs for the Five Latinos, Connie Francis, Marisol, Elsa Baeza, Rocío Jurado and Juan Manuel Serrat. For Serrat he composed ‘Penelope’, an indisputable classic of the repertoire of the Catalan singer-songwriter, which first appeared in 1969, and with which the singer won the best performance at the Rio de Janeiro Festival, while Algueró received the award for the best composition. He also composed other important themes, which now belong to the collective imagination, such as ‘Noelia’ (Nino Bravo), ‘Tómbola’ (Marisol) and ‘La chica ye-yé’ (Concha Velasco).

Between 1961 and 1974, he was married to the actress and singer Carmen Sevilla, with whom he had a son, composer Augusto José Algueró García (1964-    ). In 1986, he remarried, this time with Natividad Benito.

Algueró received in 2005 from the president of the Academy, Eduardo Bautista, the Honor Award in recognition “of his brilliant career and his decisive contribution to popular music.”  "Music is the most universal language that exists and I have given my whole life," he said.

 Augusto Alguero Jr. died in Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain on January 16, 2011 due to a cardiac arrest during his sleep.

ALGUERO Jr., Augusto (Augusto Algueró Dasca) [2/23/1934, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain – 1/16/2011, Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain (cardiac arrest)] – composer, songwriter, son of composer, songwriter, Augusto Algueró (Augusto Algueró Algueró) [1907-1992] composer Rosa Dasca Cariteu (19??-1982), married to singer, actress Carmen Sevilla (María del Carmen García Galisteo) [1930-    ] (1961-1974) father of composer Augusto José Algueró García [1964-
    ], married to Natividad ‘Nacha’ Benito (1986-2011), awarded lifetime achievement ‘Honor Award’[2005].
The Lawless Mountain - 1953
Juanito - 1960

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