Monday, July 17, 2017

Jack London's to Build a Fire

Jack London's to Build a Fire – 2015

A 2014 Austria, French production [Composite Films (Paris)]
Producer: Robert Spindler
Director: Robert Spindler
Story: To Build a Fire Jack London
Screenplay: Robert Spindler
Cinematography: Kyle Heslop [color]
Music: Michael Ehninger       
Running time: 21 minutes

The Dog – Husky Cheyenne
The Man – Raimund Spindler
Boys – Steve Colvin, Sepp Kahn, Kai Rossmann

A man and his Husky struggle through the biting cold of Northern Canada. Only a few more miles to the cabin where the boys are waiting with a hot meal. But the elements strike the man with a force he hasn't reckoned with.

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