Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Catalyst for Wesson Smith

A Catalyst for Wesson Smith – English title

A 2008 British production [Gonzo Filmz Ltd. (London)]
Producers: Christopher Downie, Ian Vaughan Jones, Vicki Reid
Director: Christopher Downie
Story: Christopher Downie
Screenplay: Christopher Downie
Cinematography: Alias Adler (Adam Troupe), Christopher Downie [color]
Music: Greg Patmore, Justin Mathias
Songs: “What We Need is an Outlaw”, “The Nightlife”, “Hillbilly Family” sung by Justin
Running time: 17 minutes

Wesson Smith Jr. – Ian Vaughn Jones
Marmaduke 'Duke' Anderson Bronco – Mark Frost
Zebedee Bandeatarse – Adam Troup
Mark 'Anuss' Bronco, Nash Mathias - Christopher Downie
Mandy Mathias – Vicki Reid
Shemp Marmaduke Bronco – Chris Fernandez
Uncle Whitey Mathias – Brian Goldie
Stunts: Chris Fernandez, Christopher Downie

A band of cannibalistic outlaws prepare their latest captive unaware that bounty hunter Wesson Smith is tracking them.

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