Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Once upon a time ... my set" - The story of Andrea Girolami

I consider myself a very, very lucky person ... for the simple fact that I have lived during the golden era of our Cinema. That time I personally think was amazing. Spectacular cinema full of emotions. Our cinema has experienced a period of change and events that have changed and distorted the way of life and the way we work. All of our Italic civilization has been overwhelmed by violent events and events that have altered everything. But there was a special moment .... when my dad told me ... "Kid, tomorrow I'll take you on the set!!!!" What is he saying! I jumped into the chair, ran around the house and did not sleep at all that night. I was thinking, "Now I can play with guns (fake) with bad guys and cops. I can get on the horses ... or ride in the police cars ... see and review the scenes!!! "... .. I have experienced some truly unique and wonderful moments. I decided to create this article and tell of my little adventures - for so many of the movie enthusiasts. I understand, in the past few years, many people have bought (a few) books telling stories about the sets ... I decided to share my life behind (and in front of) the camera with all of you. With a childlike, joyful and fun filled eye. I will tell of my memories ... and episodes ... a journey beyond fantasy. At school my friends talked about their days at Luna Park or at the Zoo in Rome ... I instead had my own Luna Park. The film set. Where I could get dressed as a cowboy, put on my fake mustache... or some fake blood... or shoot the gun of the hero... and do not forget the fantastic lunch breaks with the mythical and great acrobats of our beautiful movie theater. I do not want to rule out the final part of my adventure - assembly... follow my father to Safa Palatino or to Fono Rome... meet my aunt who mounted the silent movies... a true and pure magic.... We’ll have a good trip! Andrea Girolami

[To be continued]

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