Thursday, July 27, 2017

Buffalo Bill and the Conquest of the East

Buffalo Bill et la conquête de l'Ouest – French title
Buffalo Bill im Wilden Osten – German title
Buffalo Bill and the Conquest of the East – English title

A 2012 French, German television co-production [Arte, Ere Production (Paris), BRB (Berlin)]
Director: Vincent Froehly
Story: Vincent Froehly
Cinematography: Hermann Sowieja [color]
Music: Henri Muller
Running time: 80 minutes

Buffalo Bill Cody (William Cody) [archive footage], Gerard Crouzier, Steve Friesen, Paul Fees

After the final conquest of the West, the Civil War united in blood the great American nation. War hero and buffalo hunter Buffalo Bill, born William Frederick Cody in 1846, staged a show in the 1880s, the "Wild West Show", which popularized the myth of the Far West. Indians, horses and real bison, he left for Europe and presented his show in several hundred cities, attracting 50 to 70 million curious. This is the beginning of the fascination, which never ceased, of the Old Continent for the myths and legends of the Far West.

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