Sunday, December 29, 2019

New Film Release ~ Fistful of Nerf

Fistful of Nerf – English title

A 2019 British production [Bebop Films (London)]
Producer: Azeem Mustafa, Benjamin Daniels
Director: Azeem Mustafa, Benjamin Daniels
Story: Azeem Mustafa
Screenplay: Azeem Mustafa
Cinematography: Ethan Harris-Woodfin [color]
Music: Paolo Fosso
Running time:

Calamity John – Tony Manders
One Eyed Jack – Paul Terry
Brimstone McGee – Natalie Winter
Pope – Stephen Emery

Story: One Eyed Jack and his partner have traveled the American West on the hunt for the man who gave One Eyed Jack his name: Calamity John. At a seemingly serene spot in the California woods, they finally meet. It won't be serene for much longer.


  1. Thank you for mentioning our film! It is now online and viewable on youtube and amazon video.