Sunday, December 29, 2019

New Film Release ~ Fistful of Nerf

Fistful of Nerf – English title

A 2019 British production [Bebop Films (London)]
Producer: Azeem Mustafa, Benjamin Daniels
Director: Azeem Mustafa, Benjamin Daniels
Story: Azeem Mustafa
Screenplay: Azeem Mustafa
Cinematography: Ethan Harris-Woodfin [color]
Music: Paolo Fosso
Running time:

Calamity John – Tony Manders
One Eyed Jack – Paul Terry
Brimstone McGee – Natalie Winter
Pope – Stephen Emery

Story: One Eyed Jack and his partner have traveled the American West on the hunt for the man who gave One Eyed Jack his name: Calamity John. At a seemingly serene spot in the California woods, they finally meet. It won't be serene for much longer.

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