Thursday, December 5, 2019

New Film Release ~ Colombo Legend

Colombo Legend – Italian title

A 2019 Italian production [Lorebea Film (Rome)]
Producer: Maurizio Macelloni
Directors: Rosario Neri, Vito Colomba
Story: Maurizio Macelloni
Screenplay: Maurizio Macelloni
Cinematography: Rosario Neri [color]
Music: Ciccio Piras, Rino Marchese
Running time: 95 minutes
Vito Colombo – Vito Colombo
Bill Nelson Jr. – Francesco Russo
Fra Bernardino – Maurizio Bologna
Clarissa – Roberta Tranchina
Sheriff Cisko – Gioacchino Poma
With: Alessandro Spada, Francesco Capizzi

Story: Parker and Nelson, 20 years after the death of their fathers, find themselves having to face a new threat: three masked bandits who plunder and attack unfortunate citizens of Custon City.

The film, the sequel to Quattro Carogne in Malopasso, a western film made in full autonomy in 1989 by Vito Colomba, sees the sons of the historical characters, namely Parker and Nelson, who, after 20 years after the death of their fathers, find themselves having to face a new threat: three masked bandits who plunder and assault unfortunate citizens of Custon City. Bill Nelson Junior, obsessed by his father's death, is convinced that the four sons of Parker are responsible, three males and a female who have been abandoned on the day of their birth in front of a convent of friars, fight for their ability to discover the truth. But will they really be the culprits? Or is there something else below? It's up to Bill Nelson Junior to find out.


Colomba Legend: the enigma of appearances

The events inside “Colomba Legend” follow Nelson and Parker , the sons of the homonymous characters, the fulcrum of “Quattro carogne a Malopasso”, 20 years after the death of their fathers.
In the 1989 film Nelson, having returned to his native town of Malopasso, discovers that his parents have been killed and that the only clue at the crime scene is a horseshoe with a P engraved on the metal. The film is not interested in making the investigative process particularly central to the plot and Nelson discovers the identity of the murderer, the fearsome bandit John Parker , almost immediately. After all, who else could have committed such a horrible action if not the powerful gangster who dominates the whole area, terrorizing the population with his own power and cruelty?
Rosario Neri sports a different approach in "Colomba Legend". Bill Nelson Jr. is immediately led to suspect Parker's four children, abandoned at birth in front of a friar's convent, but the question remains whether his assumptions have a truth fund or whether they are instead derived only from his personal prejudices.
Colomba Legend: cast and production

Vito Colomba, former director of "Quattro carogne a Malopasso", returns to try his hand in the role of director after a break of decades. In fact, Colomba has not shot other films since 1989.

For Rosario Neri, on the other hand, "Colomba Legend" represents a deviation from his favorite themes, namely Sicily and all its facets. Among the films Neri worked on, "Erba Celeste" (2016) stands out, the story of a quiet group of people living together in the Sicilian hinterland; "The voice in the eyes" (2017), a film that denounces the bad health of Catania and Messina and " Born in Xibet " (2019), a melancholy look to the past that explores depopulation and the loss of identity.

"Colomba Legend" is distributed by Ahora! Movie.

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