Friday, December 27, 2019

Club Houdini

Club Houdini

Club Houdini – Spanish title
Club Houdini - El secreto de los cineastas olvidados [3rd Season] – Spanish title
Clube Houdini – Portuguese title

A 2017-2019 Spanish television production [La Penúltima TV (Madrid)]
Producer: César Ruiz de Diego, Chema Lozano
Story: Rodrigo Sopeña
Teleplay: Rodrigo Sopeña
Photography: Felipe Baeza [color]
Running time: 12 minutes

Houdini - Iñaki Ruiz de Galarreta
Martina – Mafalda Carbonell
Mateo – Nico Rossi
Andres – Alejandro Serrano

Season 3 Episode 32 Bocadillos Lejanos (Far Away Snacks)
The Club combines the indications of the three photos and deduces where the object hidden by Clint Eastwood will be. However, the forces falter and Mateo has only one sandwich to distribute among the four.

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