Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Rabbit’s Foot

The Rabbit’s Foot

A 2017 British production [Strange Lightning (London)]
Producer: Maxwell Boulton
Directors: Charlie Brafman, Magnus Erland McCullagh
Story: Charlie Brafman, Magnus Erland McCullagh
Screenplay: Charlie Brafman, Magnus Erland McCullagh
Cinematography: Arran Green [color]
Music: Tom Hobden, Eliot James
Running time:

Narrator – Lesley Ewan
'Lucky' Francis Swift – Angus Wright
William Barleycorn – Kevin James Horsham
The Prospector – Farren Morgan

Story: 'Lucky' Francis, a card player blessed with an improbable degree of fortune, is digging a grave next to the old hanging tree, nine miles west of Yackton. An uncivilised brute by the name of William Barleycorn rides through the desert to meet him, having accused Francis of a most blasphemous indecency. Naturally, scores must be settled... Meanwhile, in a river out beyond Cob's Hollow, in parts as yet uncharted, a hitherto luckless prospector has struck gold and the worm may finally have turned... But fate is a fickle friend, as the prospector has surely learned by now.

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