Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spaghetti Western Locations ~ Cañon Negro

Cañon Negro is located about ten meters northeast of Tabernas, to the left of the road that leads to Senes, just beyond the solar power plant. It is characterized by hills with a sharp profile. At the mouth of this canyon was filmed the first sequence of “Duck You Sucker” (1971) when Juan Miranda (Rod Steiger) stops the stagecoach: in the background you can see the curvilinear profile of the northern slope of the Sierra Alhamilla. The inner part of Cañon Negro was used in “El Verdugo” (1969); “El Condor” (1970); “Chato’s Land” (1971); “Red Sun” (1971); “Doc” (1971); “Those Dirty Dogs” (1973). Cañon Negro is particularly seen in “Chino” (1973), for which the set designer Mario Garbuglia built the ranch of the main character Chino (Charles Bronson). Subsequently, Cañon Negro appears in “The White, the Yellow, the Black” (1974); “The Four of the Apocalypse” (1975); “A Dollar for the Dead” (1998). A set for the Warren Oates ranch was built by Mario Garbuglia for “China 9, Liberty 37” (1978) and another for the film “The Shoe of Manitu” (2001). Nothing remains of these sets today.

Chato’s Land (1971)

Duck You Sucker (1971)

China 9, Liberty 37 (1978)


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