Wednesday, October 24, 2018

50th Anniversary of the release of “Black Jack”

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Black Jack” in Rome, Italy. Partly filmed in Israel the film starred Robert Woods in one of his greatest roles. Outlaw leader Jack “Black Jack” Murphy lives with his sister Estelle and her husband Peter in a ghost town. Black Jack and his gang rob the bank in Tusca City. Everything goes as planned but once the gang has the loot they try and double cross Jack. Murphy at first is able to outsmart them and makes of with all the cash. Indian Joe betrays Jack and leads the gang to the ghost town. When the gang catches up with him they take back the money, torture Jack and rape Estelle who is later scalped and killed. Jack is overcome with rage and revenge and tracks down the gang one-by-one. Jack kidnaps Skinner’s daughter Julie and takes her to the ghost town. Peter overcome with grief accidentally stabs and kills Jack, thinking he is Indian Joe, but before dying Jack shoots and kills Sanchez. An alternative ending shows only Jack being shot.

Black Jack – Italian title
Un i dannati della violenza – Italian title
Un uomo per cinque vendette – Italian title
Den Sorte Sheriffstjerne – Danish title
À genoux, Django – French title
Black Joe – French title
Django spielt das Lied vom Tod – German title
Auf die Knie, Django! – German title
Auf die Knie, Django, und leck mir die Stieffel! – German title
Oi Epta ekdikitai – Greek title
Un bandolero chamado Black Jack – Spanish title
Black Jack – English title

A 1968 an Italian, Israel film co-production [Cinematografica Mercedes, Ronbi International
     Film (Rome), Desert Studios (Tel Aviv)]
Producers: Fernando Franchi, Alexander Hakohen, Pierfranco Malaspina
Director: Gianfranco Baldanello (Gianfranco Merano)
Story: Luigi Ambrosini
Screenplay: Gianfranco Baldanello (Gianfranco Merano), Augusto Finocchi, Marios
     Mattei (Mario Maffei), Luigi Ambrosini
Cinematography: Mario Fioretti [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Lallo Gori (Coriolano Gori)
Running time: 99 minutes

Jack “Black Jack” Murphy/Django - Robert Woods
Skinner/Sanchez - Rik Battaglia (Caterino Battaglia)
Susan Sorella - Lucienne Bridou
Gordon - Federico Chentrens
Julie Skinner – Dalia Lahav (Dali Bresciani)
Reb - Larry Dolgin (Maurice Dolgin)
Peter - Nino Fuscagni (Serafino Fuscagni)
Estelle - Sascia Krusciarska
Indian Joe - Mimmo Palmara (Domenico Palmara)
Rodrigo - Ivan Scratuglia (Giovanni Scratuglia)
Billy - Freddy Unger (Goffredo Unger)
Mack - Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Miguel - Luciano Bonanni
Printer - Silvio Bagolini
With: Giovanni Bonadonna, Romano Magnino, Omero Capanna

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