Saturday, August 14, 2021

New Book Release Il cinema rovente di Umberto Lenzi








Il cinema rovente di Umberto Lenzi

Authors: Davide Magnisi, Giordano Lupi, Matteo Mancini


Country: Italy

Publisher: Edizioni il foglio

Language: Italian

Pages: 610

EAN 9788876068577

Available: July 10, 2021


Umberto Lenzi has dealt with all genres in his prolific career in the golden years of Italian cinema: from swashbuckling to peplum, from westerns to war films, from thrillers to detective stories, from horror to cannibals, directing films that have become cult like “Orgasmo”, “So Sweet ... so Perverse”, “Gang War in Milan”, “Almost Human”, “Violent Naples”, “The Tough Ones”, “La banda del gobbo”. The book analyzes all his filmography and the short circuit of critics, from the ruthless slurs, to this cinema of enormous popular success, to the re-evaluation made by Quentin Tarantino, an admirer of Lenzi. A parable also reconstructed through the voices of his actors (from Lisa Gastoni to Maria Rosaria Omaggio), colleagues and collaborators (from Sergio Martino to Dario Argento), up to Oscar winner Bob Murawski and the American director Eli Roth.

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