Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Lucky Luke is back in a kid’s version TV series


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Lucky Luke, the famous comic cowboy born from the pencil of Belgian cartoonist Morris, is back on TV with 26 brand new episodes of the animated series Kid Lucky, which for the first time tells about his adventures as a child. The new episodes of the series, produced by Dargaud Media and the Turin animation studio Enanimation, in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, will be broadcast on first TV on Rai Gulp from Friday 13 August, every day at 8.10.

Each new adventure brings Kid closer to his dream of becoming a real cowboy, because Kid Lucky has only one thing on his mind: growing up to become the greatest cowboy in the entire Wild West. Together with his friends Lisette, Dopey, Joannie Molson, Little Cactus, Kid will try to tame wild horses (sometimes successfully), follow in the footsteps of grizzlies, sleep outdoors and challenge Billy Bad with his slingshot. 

Kid has extraordinary aim. Plus, as his name suggests, he's an extremely lucky guy, but life isn't all fun and games, not even in the Wild West. In fact, Kid Lucky and his friends must always ask their parents for permission and meet their expectations, as all kids do. Between housework, tooth brushing and school, being a real cowboy isn't easy!

The character of Lucky Luke as a child appeared for the first time in April 1995, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the protagonist, in an album entirely dedicated to the childhood of the "cowboy who shoots faster than his shadow" entitled "Kid Lucky", in the classic series under number 33, designed by Morris. Written and designed by Achdé from Lyon, the comic book spin-off "Les Aventures de Kid Lucky d'après Morris" was launched by Lucky Comics on November 25, 2011 and was an immediate success.

After the death of Morris in 2001, continued the western saga on the light-hearted gunslinger together with other authors, including the writer Daniel Pennac, in the direct line of the universe of Morris and Goscinny. The French René Goscinny, who later became the famous author with Albert Uderzo of Asterix, had in fact joined the Belgian cartoonist to the texts of Lucky Luke from 1955. The series is transformed: Lucky Luke's comic becomes a caricature of the western genre, and Lucky Luke will still be a silent cowboy, but he will have a talking horse, Jolly Jumper, and will never resort to violence. 

Later, in 1988, after Goscinny's 1977 death, Morris will take the cigarette out of Lucky Luke's mouth, replaced with a blade of grass, earning official recognition from the World Health Organization, and continuing his success. Up to the present day. Curiosity, the character of Lucky Luke is inspired by a sheriff of Italian origin, Luciano Locarno, who lived between 1860 and 1940. 


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