Friday, August 13, 2021

50th Anniversary of the premier of “Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead” directed by Giuseppe Vari and starring Klaus Kinski, Victoria Ziny, Paul Sullivan and Dean Stratford. The story is about Dan Hogan (Kinski), wanted by the Texas Rangers for robbery and murder waits at the Jackals’ Ranch for his gold. His men are uneasy and restless, each one capable of killing another for a bigger share of the gold. Then a stranger named John Webb/Parker (Sullivan) arrives, promising to guide them over the border into Mexico… but he may not be all he seems.

Prega il morto e ammazza il vio – Italian title

Mata al vivo y reza por el muerto – Argentinian title
Mata o vivo e reza pelo morto – Brazilian title
Attire Para Viver e Reze Pelos Mortos – Brazilian title
Bid en Sterf – Dutch title
Priez les morts, tuez les vivants! – French title
Der Mörder des Klans – German title
Reza pelo morto a mata o vivo – Portuguese title
Reza al muerto y mata el vivo – Spanish title
Be for de doda – Swedish title – Swedish title
Skjut de levande – bed for de doda – Swedish title
Pray to Kill and Return Alive – English title
To Kill a Jackal – English title
Renegade Gun – English title
Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead – English title
A 1970 Italian film production [Castor Film (Rome)]
Producer: Otello Cocchi
Director: Joseph Warren (Giuseppe Vari)
Story: Marc Saltzer (Adriano Bolzoni)
Screenplay: Marc Saltzer (Adriano Bolzoni)
Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Mario Migliardi
     Song: “That Man”, “I’m Not Your Pony” sung by Ann Collin
Running time: 96 minutes

Dan Hogan – Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)
Eleanor – Victoria Zinny
John Webb/Parker – Paul Sullivan (Paolo Casella)
Reed – Dean Stratford (Dino Strano)
Marietta – Adriana Giuffrè
Santa/Sandy – Patrizio Adiutori
Jonathan – Dan May (Dante Maggio)
Baby Doll/Daisy – Anna Zinnemann
Greene – Aldo Barber (Aldo Barberito)
Frank Skelton – Freddy Unger (Goffredo Unger)
Dick – John Ely (Giangiacomo Elia)
Sam/Carl – Ares Lucky (Fortunato Arena)
Oswald – Anthony Rock (Antonio La Rena)
Cobra – Mimmo Maggio
Mexican – Mario Dardanelli
With: Gianni Pulone (Giovanni Pulone)


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