Saturday, August 21, 2021

50th Anniversary of the premier of “The Ballad of Django”

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “The Ballad of Django” aka “Django Story.” Directed b Demofilo Fidani and starring Hunt Powers and Jerry Ross along with many of his stock company of Italian actors. This film was made using entire scenes from some of his  previously released films along with some added footage. You’ll see footage from “Arrivana Djanfo e Sartana… e la fine” (Django and Sartana are coming… It’s the End”), “Inginocchiati Straniero… i cadaveri non fanno ombra” (The Stranger that Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse) and “Quel maledetto giorno d’inverno” (One Damned Day at Dawn… Django Meets Sartana!” This trick would be used in the coming years by several of the lesser directors often without the knowledge of the actors who were never paid for their participation.


Giu le mani … carogna! – Italian title

Django Story – Italian title

Django... Pistoleiro Implacável - Brazilian title

Hævneren django - Danish title

The Ballad of Django – Dutch title

Haut les mains, salauds! – French title

Halleluja pfeift das Lied vom Sterben – German title

Halleluja, der todliche Schatten – German title

Blutspur des schwarzen rachers – Germann title

Kefalia gia poulima – Greek title

Django - menneskejegeren - Norwegian title

La balada de Django – Spanish title

Haevneren Django – Swedish title

Reach You Bastard – English title

Down With Your Hands…You Scum! – English title

The Django Story – English title

Western Story – English title

The Ballad of Django – English title


A 1971 Italian film production [Tarquina Internazionale (Rome)]

Producers: Demofilo Fidani, Maria Rosa Valenza

Director: Lucky Dickinson (Demofilo Fidani)

Story: Lucky Dickinson (Demofilo Fidani)

Screenplay: Lucky Dickinson (Demofilo Fidani)

Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, widescreen]

Music: Lallo Gori (Coriolano Gori)

     Song: “I Know My Love” sung by Mark Wolf (Marco Wolf)

Running time: 88 minutes



Django/Halleluia - Hunt Powers (Jack Betts)

Wild Bill Hickock - Jerry Ross (Gerardo Rossi)

Paco Martinez - Dennis Colt (Benito Pacifico)

Manuel Martinez - Dennis Colt (Benito Pacifico)

Dean/Bobby 'The Fox' O’Neil/El Zorro - Dean Stratford (Dino Strano)

Gambler - Pietro Torrisi

Buck/Butch Bradley - Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)

Paco Sanchez - Lucky MacMurray (Luciano Conti)

Pedro Hernandez - Celso Faria

Murray - Franco Pasquetto (Gianfranco Pasquetto)

With; Paul Crain (Enzo Pulcrano), Philip Garner (Giancarlo Prete), Simone Blondell (Simonetta Vitelli)


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