Monday, August 23, 2021

European Western Comic Books ~ AVVENTURA WEST (4) AVVENTURA WEST quindicinale a colori

 Western Adventures! Western Adventures fortnightly in color

The fourth and final series of the comic book western adventure series is presented in the form of a newspaper, a formula already extensively tested by the publisher Nerbini. It features a British-made western series, G. Stokes' The Sheeiff Slade, California (Billy the Kid), Curly Bill the Texas Ranger, Lobo Kid, Buffalo Bill.=

The comic book was published in 1963 beginning with issue #1 on January 1, 1963 and ending with issue #6 on August 15, 1963. It was published by ENG in Rome, Italy under the direction of Mario Nerbini. Each issue had 16 black and white pages with color covers.   

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