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American Songbird Gets Non-Singing Role in New Movie [Archived newspaper article.]

The Pittsburgh Courier

December 4, 1965


ROME—American jazz singer Edith Peters, who once topped the bill with Sydney Bechet at a noter Paris nightspot, is putting on metaphorical spurs for her latest booking.

     Miss Peters, an exuberant Negro songbird from Santa Monica, California, has been cast for the role of Emma in Joseph E. Levine’s European Western, “The Tramplers,” starring Joseph Cotton, Gordon Scott and James Mitchum.

     It will be the 20th picture she has made since she came to Europe 12, years ago but, unfortunately for movie audiences, she does not sing in this one.

    Though she studied acting in New York with Abby Mitchell, Miss Peters is far better known for in Europe for her singing than for her films. She rose to renown with the famous Peter Sisters, a singing trio that was featured in top Italian musical comedies and French night clubs.

     Her film career began in Spain in 1955 when she made “Love Me With Music.” Among he other films are Roger Vadim’s “Blood on the Rose,” the Italian spectacular “Carthage in Flames,” “Under Ten Flags” and “Robin Hood and the Pirates.”

     “The Tramplers,” being produced and directed by Albert Band in Cinema Scope and Eastmancolor, will be released worldwide by Embassy Pictures.


PETERS, Edith (aka Edith Arlene Peters Catalano, Edith Peters Catalano, Edith Arlene Peters, Edith Catalano Peters) (Edith Arlene Peters) [6/24/1917, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A. – 1/24/1993, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.] – film actress, singer, sister of  singer Anne Peters [1922-1966], actress, singer Mattie Peters, actress, singer Virginia Vee (Virginia Margaret Peters) [1923–2010] actress, singer Joyce Peters (Edna Joyce Peters) [1929-    ], married to agent Silvio Catalano (1958-    ), sang in a duo with sister Joyce Peters.

Two Mafiamen in the Wild West – 1964 (black woman)

The Tramplers – 1966 (Emma)

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