Monday, August 9, 2021

European Western Comic Books ~Avventura West AVVENTURA WEST (2) DICK L'AUDACE

 Western Adventures ~ Dick Daring

This second comic book series presents as a horizontal bulletin board, self-operated and hosts Dick Daring a series of adventures starring a Red Jacket produced by the Englishman Fleetway. Designed by various authors, including the Italian Sergio Tarquinio (#4 and #9). In the appendix “I Dorados di Pancho Villa” by Enzo Carretti.

The comic book series was published in Rome by ENG (Edizioni Americane) under the direction of Mario Nerbini. The series was first published on June 1, 1962 and ended with #10 on September 1, 1962. Each issue contained 16 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (01.06.62) - “L’avventura di Cervo Pigro” (The Lazy Deer Adventure)
02 (10.06.62) - “Anima nera” (Black Soul)
03 (20.06.62) - “Sheldon Quattro-Colpi” (Sheldon Four-Strikes)
04 (01.07.62) - “La rivincita indiana” (The Indian Revenge)
05 (10.07.62) - “La trappola di fuoco” (The Fire Trap)
06 (20.07.62) - “Piano infernale” (Infernal Floor)
07 (01.08.62) - “La diga sul fiume” (The Dam on the River)
08 (10.08.62) - “Fuoco incrociato” (Crossfire)

09 (20.08.62) - “Il sentiero della legge” (The Path of the Law)
10 (01.09.62) - "Il magnifico Ginger" (The Magnificent Ginger)


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