Thursday, January 7, 2021

Studio Sale Ends Project by Bronston [archived newspaper article]

 The Los Angeles Times

By Patricia Johnson

June 3, 1972

MADRID – The speculation on Samuel Bronston ever actually getting “Isabella of Spain” off the ground stopped months ago. But this week, at the studios which Bronston built when he was the first producer to discover Spain for shooting epic pictures on smaller budgets, an unusual auction seemed to end the prospect.

     The auction, under the auspices of the Banco Espanole De Credito and in collaboration with the Spanish government, sold off everything at the studios from wastepaper baskets to old sets. Proceeds of the auction spread over four days and with 1,500 different lots coming under the auctioneer’s gavel  - will go to the Union of Film Workers which sued on behalf of some members owed outstanding amounts of back pay.


     Bronston’s official line on the action was no comment, but a publicist who has worked with him over the years said that Bronston – two weeks ago at the christening party of the child of his former production manager – was talking of plans to build a new studio. He was also claiming that “Isabella (which was to have starred Glenda Jackson) will become reality one day.

     “Sam came closer to making ‘Isabella’ than anyone thought possible,” said the publicist, “and being the kind of man he is, int’s not out of the question that he could pull yet another surprise.” 

[submitted by Mike Hauss]

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