Thursday, January 14, 2021

Manuel Benitez “El Cordobes” retires [archived newspaper article]

Honolulu Stat Bulletin

Honolulu, Hawaii

February 27, 1972

MADRID – Bullfighter Manuel Benitez “El Cordobe,” 35, announced his retirement.

     Cordobes, whose annual income has been estimated at #3 million and whose current worth is said to be around $15 million, said he will never again wear “suit of light,” the bullfighters’ colorful costume.

     He said he is retiring because “I used to an illiterate and have suddenly discovered there are many things in this world I would like to know about.”

     His manager said he might remain in the entertainment business: “We are considering a number of movie offers, including an Italian western.”

[submitted by Mike Hauss]


P.S. Benitez never made a Euro-western.

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