Thursday, January 7, 2021

RIP John Richardson


RIP John Richardson. British leading man actor John Richardson died on January 5, 2020. He was 86. Born in Sussex on Jan. 19, 1934, Richardson started out with small roles in such notable films as “A Night to Remember” (1958), the Kenneth More-starring 1959 remake of “The 39 Steps” and “The League of Gentlemen” (1960). Richardson also starred in the spaghetti Westerns John the Bastard (1967), Execution (1968) and “A Candidate for a Killing” (1969) and had a supporting turn in Vincente Minnelli's “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” (1970), starring Barbra Streisand. Richardson was married to Spaghetti Western actress Martine Beswick from 1967 to 1973.


  1. Also noted in Bava's Black Sunday and Hammers She and The Vengeance of She.

  2. and "One Million Years B.C." with Raquel Welch.