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Robert Taylor In Madrid To Make Film

The Times Record

Troy, New York

October 9, 1965

     MADRID (upi) – Despite new methods of film-making, working in the movies now isn’t much different than it was in the 1930s and 1940s, according to veteran American film star Robert Taylor.

     “Of course, techniques are improved, but for an actor it’s quite the same,” Taylor said.

     Taylor is in Madrid for the filming of “Savage Pampas,” described as an unsual “Western” with the setting in Argentina.

     “One of the interesting aspects of the film is in fact that Argentina and the United States were the only American countries fighting Indians,” Taylor said.

     “The subject of this picture is a group of soldiers carrying some women to their barracks in an outpost in Argentina. The action takes place about 1887.”

     Taylor was speaking at Samuel Bronston’s Studios where the Spanish-Argentine-American picture is being produced. The producer is a Spaniard, Jaime Prades, the director is Argentine-born Hugo Fregonese, and the star is Taylor.

     “Savage Pampas” will be my first complete movie in Spain.” Taylor said. “I have done film work here before in 1956 we made parts of “Tip on a Dead Jockey” in Spain, but this is the first time I am doing an entire picture here.”

     Taylor star of the television, The Detectives, had a comment on video.

     Work in television serials is alright,” he said “I like doing them, but I prefer film work.”

     Other actors who will appear in “Savage Pampas” are Australian Ron Randall and Americans Marc Lawrence and Ty Hardin. No actress has been selected yet for the leading female role. The director is looking for a “new discovery” to play opposite Taylor.

     “Miss Spain, Feio Roque, presently is undergoing screen tests to see whether she is going to be that new discovery,” a film official said.

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  1. Oh, so. It was filmed in Spain. The film has re-appeared on a site closed down a few months ago by copyright hawks but has since returned. Since Ty Hardin appears I'll give it a watch. Thank you, Mike.