Tuesday, January 19, 2021

New Film release “Dry River”

 Dry River – U.K. title

Rio Seco – Spanish title

Dry River – English title


A 2020 British film production [Transition Films (London)]

Producers: Rupert Hollier, Simon Fawcett, Nick Woolgar, Fe Valen, Daniel Simpson

Director: Daniel Simpson

Story: Fe Valen

Screenplay: Fe Valen

Cinematography: Dennis Madden [color]

Music: Jason Cooper, Oliver Kraus

Running time: 109 minutes



Cooper Ryles – Charlie Creed Miles

John ‘Boone’ Hawkins – Michael Moriarity

Etta Ryles – Ann Mitchell

Old Westcott – Peter Cosgrove

Reid Ryles – Morgan Symes

Verne Ryles – Danny Shayler

Alonzo Murrieta – Joshua Dickinson

The Mexican – Fabrico Christian Amansi

Clarissa Hawkins – Isabella Walker


Story: In 1885 a drifter returns to an abandoned village in the wild west where a fight for survival erupts over a dwindling water supply.

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