Monday, January 4, 2021

European Comic Books ~ L’AUDACE Series 8 d’Oro Audace (Occhio Cupo)

 This comic book series was published from 1948 to 1949 and consisted of 12 issues with texts by Gian Luigi Bonelli, Franco Baglioni, Marcello Serra and Aurelio Galleppini together drawings by Rino Albertarelli and Raffaele Paparella. In the appendix appear the stories The Slaves of the Crescent by Baglioni and Galep, at #10 The mockery of San Domingo by Galleppini, at #11/12 The Thief of Baghdad by G. L. Bonelli and Raffaele Paparella, which ends in the subsequent Golden Spider Series. In the IV cop. of the twelve issues, The Jungle Book by Serra and Galleppini is published. The first issue was released on October 1, 1948 and ended on May 15, 1949. It was published by SBE in Milan, Italy under the direction of Tea Bonelli and each issue contained 8 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (01.10.48) - “Il giuramento del forzato” (The Convicts Oath)
02 (15.10.48) - “La vendetta di Occhio Cupo” (Dark Eye’s Revenge)
03 (30.10.48) - “La tigre del mare” (The Sea Tiger)
04 (15.11.48) - “Catene insanguinate” (Bloody Chains)
05 (15.12.48) - “L’isola di Satana” (Satan’s Island)
06 (30.12.48) - “L’impresa di Occhio Cupo” (Dark Eye’s Enterprise)
07 (15.01.49) - “Il cavaliere invincibile” (The Invincible Knight)
08 (30.01.49) - “Gaur il gigante” (Gaur the Giant)
09 (28.02.49) - “La battaglia di Albracca” (The Battle Albracca)
10 (15.03.49) - “Nel regno di Falerina” (In the Kingdom of Falerina)
11 (30.04.49) - “Lo scudo fatale” (The Fatal Shield)
12 (15.05.49) - “Le furie di Alcina” (The Furies of Alcina)

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