Monday, January 25, 2021

European Western Comic Books ~ Gli Audaci


Gli Audaci

This series was first published on April 15, 1973 and ended on July 1, 1973. It was published in Rome by the GFB Publishing House under the direction of Pietro Granelli. Each issue contained 48 pages with black and white pages and color covers. The series were reprints of material already published by Gioggi in the 1950s. Among the designers: Guido Buzzelli, Annibale Casabianca, Alessandro Torrisi (Alex Torris) and Raffaele Paparella. The covers are by Guido Buzzelli.




01 (15.04.73) - "Gli audaci" (The Bold Ones)
02 (01.05.73) - "I pirati" (The Pirates)
03 (15.05.73) - "Eroi nella giungla" (Heroes in the Jungle)
04 (01.06.73) - "La croce d'argento" (The Silver Cross)
05 (15.06.73) - "I gladiatori" (The Gladiators)
06 (01.07.73) - "Mondi nuovi" (New Worlds)

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