Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Heads for England [archived newspaper article]


Los Angeles Times

June 1, 1969    

 After completing “A Time for Dying” Boetticher heads for England, where he will lecture at the British Film Institute, proceed to Paris for a joint premiere of “Arruza” and an unscored “Dying” and will end up in Spain, where he’ll research “A Horse for Mr. Barnum,” which he describes as a “western with castles.”

     Bietticher regards his belated discovery by critics with amusement and admitted self-consciousness. “For the first time in a western I’m being serious,” he says. “Wouldn’t it be awful if it bombs? I’m worried to eath – things are going good.”

     After dinner and before settling down to a long night of filming, Budd Boetticher mounted his beloved bull fighting horse, Piropo, and put him through some grateful paces. You are reminded of his remark “Every dream I had in Mexico has come true – only better.”


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