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Who Are Those Gals? - Eugenia Bosanceanu

Eugenia Bosânceanu was born in Radauti-Prut, Dorohoi, Romania on February 8, 1925. Eugenia graduated from the Institute of Theatre and Film in Bucharest in 1952.  Specializing mainly in supporting roles - according to her own words, "you do not need more than one reply to make a big role." Her career has spanned more than fifty years of cinema, television series and movies, short films, radio and dubbing voice parts.

Eugenia Bosanceanu began her artistic career before graduating - her second year as a result of an examination, Alexander Finţi, Army Theatre director hired her without hesitation. After seven years of theater in 1957, the actress debuted in cinema with a small role in “Ciulinii Bărăganului”, a film adaptation of his novel Stump, a Romanian-French co-production co-directed by Louis Daquin and Gheorghe Vitanidis, selected for competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

After a first feature film role in the fiction of Mircea Săucan,Când primăvara e fierbinte” (1960), Eugenia Bosanceanu collaborated on a new Romanian-French co-production - and also a film adaptation of Stump “Codin” (1963), by Swiss director Henri Colpi. She took a role in the last film by Victor Iliu, “Comoara din Vadul Vechi” (1964), during which she met Lucian Pintilie, she then debuted in cinema as an assistant director and had an offer, with roles in two of his seminal films “Duminică la ora 6” (1966) and “Balanța” (1992). Moreover, her huge talent allowed her to play very different characters which brought the actress multiple collaborations with some of the largest and most prolific directors before and after 1989 Romanian Mircea Muresan (“Răscoala” and “Baltagul”, where she provided the voice of Vitoria Lipan) Nicolaescu
“Atunci i-am condamnat pe toți la moarte”, “Pentru patrie”, “Triunghiul morții” and “15”), Mircea Moldovan (“Vifornița”, “Pintea”, “Totul se plătește și Expediția”), Maria Callas Dinescu (“De bunăvoie și nesilit de nimeni”, “Bunicul și doi delincvenți minori și Marele premiu”), Malvina Urșianu (“Întoarcerea lui Vodă Lăpușneanu” and “Liniștea din adâncuri”), Mircea Drăgan (“Raliul” and “Atac în bibliotecă”), Cristian Mungiu (“Occident și 4 luni, 3 săptămâni și 2 zile”) and Călin Peter Netzer (“Maria, Medalia de onoare” and “Poziția copilului”).

Her only Euro-western role was as Mrs. von Simmons in Dean Reed’s “Blood Brothers” (1975).

She was awarded the Romanian Gopo Award for Lifetime Achievement in March of this year.

BOSANCEANU, Eugenia (Eugenia Bosânceanu) [2/8/1925, Radauti-Prut, Dorohoi, Romania –
     ] – stage, TV actress awarded Gopo Award for Lifetime Achievement [2015].
Blood Brothers - 1975 (Mrs. von Simmons)

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