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The Campbells (TV)

Die Campbells - German title
The Campbells - English title

A 1985-1989 Canadian, Scottish co-production [Settler Film Productions, CTV (Toronto), STV
Producer: John Delmage
Director: Don Shebib (Donald Shebib), Timothy Bond, Randy Bradshaw, Steve DiMarco, Allan
Kroecker, Sturla Gunnarson, Carlo Liconti, Don McCutcheon, Malcolm Stoddard, Otta Hannus, Peter Rowe, Alan Simmonds, Brian Lighthill, Don Haldane (Donald Haldane), Eleanore Lindo, F. Harvey Frost, George Bloomfield, Joseph L. Scanlon, Ken Girotti (Kenneth Girotti), Larry Kent, Paul Shapiro, Peter Thurling, Cedric Smith
Teleplay: Allan Prior, Ann MacNaughton, Barbara Brown, Barbara Holleran, Bill Gough
(William Gough), Bonnie Buxton, Catherine Denson, Cedric Smith, M. Charles Cohen (Maxwell Charles Cohen), Charles Israel, Charles Lazer, Christine Cornish, Christine  Foster, D.A. Nathan (Deborah Nathan), Don McCutcheon, Glenn Norman, Helen Sutherland, Jane Smith, Jana Veverka, Jeffrey Cohen, Jerome McMann, Kerry Sim, Lyal Brown, Michael Mercer, Paul Aitkin Paul LeDoux, Pete White, Peter Jobin, Peter Mitchell, Rob Forsythe (Robert Forsyth), Scott Barrie, Steve Lucas (Steven Lucas), Susan A’Court, Suzette  Couture, Susan Snooks, Timothy Bond, Tony Aspler, Tony Robertson (Anthony Robertson)
Photography: Brian R.R. Hebb (Brian Robert Royce Hebb) [color]
Music: Glenn Morley, Lawrence Shragge
Running time: 100 episodes x 30 minutes

Doctor James Campbell - Malcolm Stoddard
Emma Campbell – Amber-Lea Weston
Neil Campbell - John Wildman
John Campbell - Eric Richards
Thomas Logan - Thomas Anderson-Baker (Thomas Anderson-Barker)
Maddie Todd - Robin Craig
Charlotte Logan - Barbara Kyle
Rebecca Sims - Wendy Lyon
Captain Thomas Sims - Cedric Smith
Harriet Sims - Brigit Wilson
Richard Sims - Brian Stittle
Christine - Catherine Disher
Mary McTavish - Rosemary Dunsmore
Will Forrester - Geordie Johnson
Gabriele Leger - Julien Poulin
Pat - Gerard Plunkett
Preacher - Ty Templeton
Blacksmith – Sean McCann
with: Patrick Brymer, Ardon Bess, Barbara Garrick, Christopher Barry, Colin MacPherson, Colin Mochrie, Conrad Coates, Denis Lacroix, Graham Greene, Heather Kjollesdal, Jennifer Dale (Jennifer Ciurluini), Jonathan Crombie, June Watson, Kate Trotter, Katy Hale, Laura Press, Lynne Cormack, Marti Maraden, Michael MacKenzie, Monique Mojica, Neil Clifford, Nicholas McCarole (Nicholas McArdle), R.H. Thomson (Robert Holmes Thomson), Simon Bradbury, Simon Reynolds, Stuart Mungall, Susannah Hoffman, Tantoo Cardinal (Rose Cardinal), Tom Watson (Thomas Watson), Natalie Elizabeth, Jessica Steen, Geraint Wynn Davies, Rachel Blanchard, Nigel Bennett, Tom Jackson (Thomas Jackson)

Dr. James Campbell tries to serve his patients in the face of local opposition from the Laird, and after several discouraging political events, as well as some unfortunate events regarding his practice, he desires a chance to start over. His sons, Neil and John, dissatisfied with their current, mundane lives, decide to emigrate from Scotland to Canada on hearing of the opportunity to own land in Canada and persuade him to make the move. Emma, James' daughter, is equally dissatisfied and likes the idea as well.

The series is set in the vicinity of Cambridge, Upper Canada (now Ontario) in the 1830s. This is known because of the clothing, weaponry, and the constant references to the past war against "the Yankees" (War of 1812).

The series follows the everyday adventures of this family and their neighbors as they all try to survive and prosper on their farms against the odds of nature and the occasional charlatan.

The Campbells was a Scottish-Canadian television drama series, produced by Scottish Television and CTV from 1986 to 1990. The series starred Malcolm Stoddard as James Campbell, a Scottish doctor living in 1830s Upper Canada with his three children, Neil (John Wildman), Emma (Amber-Lea Weston) and John (Eric Richards).

The TV Series was composed of 100 episodes and were 30 minutes long. It was nominated for a Canadian Gemini Award for: Best Continuing Drama Series, Best Director  (George Bloomfield) and Best Photography and won Best Dramatic Underscore-Series. Star Malcolm Stoddard  was nominated for Best Actor-Dramatic Series and Amber-Lea Weston  for Best Actress-Dramatic Series.

Episode List
Season One
1 A Magic Medicine, 2 A Great Decision, 3 First Day, 4 The Haunting, 5 75 Miles from Nowhere, 6 The Visitors, 7 A Real Lady, 8 Treasures of Jean Lafitte, 9  Gift Horse, 10 Vendetta, 11 To Love and Protect, 12 Heaven Sent, 13 Rites of Passage, 14 Pig at Large, 15 Autumn Smoke (Part 1), 16 Autumn Smoke (Part 2), 17 Burning Cures, 18 Harvest Gold, 19 Free and Clear, 20 Declarations of Independence, 21 Child of Fortune, 22 End of the River

Season Two
1 Eye for an Eye, 2 A Blessing in Disguise, 3 Of Fathers and Sons, 4 The Runaway, 5 Judgement from the Heart, 6 Unwelcomed Suitor, 7 Woman’s Work, 8 Bingham’s Gold, 9 Star Light, Star Bright, 10 The Last Time Around, 11 The Rifle Company, 12 The Sins of the Father, 13 The Last Performance, 14 The Sweetest Song, 15 Blinded by Love, 16 Desperate Remedy, 17 Dr. Colt of Calcutta, 18 A Matter of Distinction, 19 Kith and Kin, 20 Living Legends, 21 Room at the Inn, 22 The Legacy, 23 Miss Quincy, 24 Cabin Fever, 25 The Siege, 26 Rough Justice, 27 Mr. Stevenson, 28 Homeward Bound, 29 The Sentence of the Court, 30 Lady Helen’s Love

Season Three
1 Partners, 2 Stand and Deliver, 3 Gateway to the World, 4 And in the Spring, 5 Dreams Stay with You, 6 Peter was a Saint, 7 Face of a Stranger, 8 When the Bough Breaks, 9 The Eyes of Angels, 10 The Reluctant Candidate, 11 Something’s Rotten, 12 Fortunes of War, 13 Miles to Go, 14 Welcome Strangers, 15 The Dragon Slayers, 16 Back to School, 17 A Proposal of Marriage, 18 The Raid, 19 Bird of Paradise, 20 Mirrors of the Soul, 21 Live By the Sword, 22 A Time for Goodbyes, 23 The Firebrand, 24 Comfort and Joy, 25 Old Ways and New, 26 The Truth Will Out

Season Four
1 Becky, 2 See No Evil, 3 The Shiners, 4 Many Happy Returns, 5 The Sky’s the Limit, 6 A Medal of Valour, 7 The Elusive Mr. Smith, 8 The Hunting Party, 9 Souls of Like Mind, 10 A Man of Means, 11 The Miller’s Son, 12 Down to the Sea, 13 Duty Bound, 14 Anniversary Waltz, 15 Disguises, 16 The Fine Art of Horsetrading, 17 Boy’s Brigade, 18 Ancient Wounds, 19 From Chimborazo to Canton, 20 Flying the Coop, 21 Bringing Up Thomas, 22 Tales of the Canadas

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