Thursday, April 30, 2015

RIP Patachou

Patachou, one of the most cheeky voices of French music after World War II, had owned a famous Parisian cabaret in Montmartre before launching herself on stage, died April 30th, at 96 years of age, surrounded his family. This artisan girl born June 10, 1918 in Paris, was first a typist and factory worker, in 1948 she opened and managed a cabaret-restaurant in Montmartre, with her husband Jean Billon, she quickly made a famous place of the Parisian night life. Supported by Maurice Chevalier, Patachou then took to the microphone herself, with a repertoire of realistic songs (“La complainte de la Butte”, “Gamin de Paris”) and light ditties (“le Tapin tranquille”, “Douce Marijane”). She has also performed abroad (U.S.A., Canada, Great Britain, Brazil), as well as getting small roles in film (1954) in "French Cancan" and Renoir's "Napoleon" by Guitry.  In 1966 Patachou is back in Paris at the tavern " La Tête de l'art" and in 1969 the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, before ending her singing career.  From the 1980s, Patachou is seen in film and television.

She appeared as a guest star in the French, Canadian, U.S.A. co-producer TV series Bordertown in 1991.

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