Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Who Are Those Gals? - Borsatti

Fernanda Borsatti was born in Evora, Evora, Portugal on September 1, 1931. Known simply as Borsatti she has been a member of 10 different theater companies such as: The Maria Victoria Theater, Company Laura Alves , Company Raúl Solnado , Teatro Maria Matos and House of Comedy .

She married actor Armando Cortez in 1950, whom she divorced in 1958. They had a son in 1957, José Eduardo da Fonseca Cortez w Almeida whose is a doctor. His daughter is actress Inês Borsatti born in 1991.

Borsatti was a member of the cast of the National Theatre D. Maria II between 1978 and 2001. Her cinematic experience was limited over the decades. She worked with directors such as Henry Campos and José Fonseca e Costa. In television she worked in several telenovelas, series and sitcoms.

In 2007 Borsatti received from the City of Lisbon the Municipal Merit Medal, in its Grade Gold.

On April 25th at the Teatro Villaret, in Lisbon, Portugal, she will appear on stage in “Vison Voador” with Paulo Renato and Raul Solnado.

BORSATTI (Fernanda Borsatti) [9/1/1931, Évora, Évora, Portugal -     ] – stage, TV actress, married to actor Armando Cortez [1928-2002] (1950-1958), mother of doctor José Eduardo da Fonseca Cortez e Almeida [1957-    ], grandmother of actress Inês Borsatti [1991-    ].
Deguello - 1965

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