Monday, April 13, 2015

Karl May Festival 2015

Joshy Peters, Nicolas King and Vanida Karun will be star this summer on the stage at the Bad Segeberg Karl May Festival.

Joshy Peters will be seen in the summer of 2015 from June 27- August 8, once again as the villain Roulin, Nicolas King again plays Chief Iron Arrow and Vanida Karun is for a second time Paloma Nakana - the ensemble for the upcoming production of "In the Valley of Death" awakens memories of the acclaimed staging for fans from the year of 2002.

In addition, to the ensemble: Dirc Simpson as Sam Hawken, Fabian Monasterios as Juanito Alfarez, Felix Stroebel as Martin Adler Horst and Harald P. Wieczorek in a dual role as George of Eagle's Nest and Strong Hand.

More information about the performers can be found on the website of the Karl May Festival.

Foradditional information click on the link to the Karl May Festival:

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