Thursday, April 30, 2015

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy (TV)

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy – English title

A 2012 British, Canadian television production [BBC (Cardiff)]
Producer: Marcus Wilson
Director: Saul Metzstein
Story: Toby Whithouse
Screenplay: Toby Whithouse
Cinematography: Stephan Pehrsson [color]
Music: Murray Gold
Running time: 60 minutes

Doctor Who – Matt Smith (Matthew Smith)
Rory – Arthur Darvill (Thomas Darvill)
Amy Pond – Karen Gillan
The Gunslinger – Andrew Brooke
Marshal Isaac – Ben Browder (Robert Browder)
Abraham - Garrick Hagon
Doctor Kahler-Jex - Adrian Scarborough
Kahler-Mas – Dominic Kemp
Sadie – Joanne McQuinn
Preacher – Byrd Wilkins (William Wilkins)
Dockery - Sean Benedict (Anthony Benedict)
Walter – Rob Cavazos (Roberto Von Loesecke)

Season 7 episode 3 “A Town Called Mercy”. The Doctor gets a Stetson and a gun, and finds himself the reluctant sheriff of a western town under siege by a relentless cyborg who goes by the name of ‘The Gunslinger’. But who is he and what does he want?

The seventh series of the British science fiction television program ‘Doctor Who’ aired from September 1, 2012 to May 18, 2013, being split into two parts, as with the previous series. The series was broadcast concurrently on BBC One in the U.K., BBC America in the U.S.A., and on Space in Canada, and also on ABC in Australia, with the first five episodes each released a week after its U.K. and North American premiere and the remainder released the day after each episode's U.K. premiere. Following its premiere on September 1, 2012, the series aired weekly until September 29, 2012. Six episodes were broadcast in 2012, including the 2012 Christmas special, "The Snowmen", which aired separately from the main series. The remaining eight episodes began broadcasting on March 30, 2013. "The Snowmen" introduced a new TARDIS interior, title sequence, theme tune, and outfit for the Doctor.

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