Thursday, April 16, 2015

Der Cowboy und die Schurken (TV)

Der Cowboy und die Schurken – German title
(The Cowboy and the Villains – English translated title)

A 2011 German television production [Peggy Sue Production (Berlin)]
Producer: Otwin Biernat
Director: Otwin Biernat
Story: Otwin Biernat
Teleplay: Otwin Biernat, Michael Fries
Photography: Otwin Biernat [Sepia Tone]
Music: various
Running time: ongoing episodes x 6 minutes

Jose el Bastardo – Otwin Biernat
Moonshade Lady Rope – Anna-Sophie Brandstetter
Manolo The Headhunter – Michael Fries
Mutter Teresa – Jana Lou
Stacco - Paolo Masini

This web series ‘Der Cowboy und die Schurken’ (The Cowboy and the Villains) was filmed as it went along, completely unprepared and unplanned at the moment the scenes were shot, they were then placed in post-production in a relationship that creates a story. The improvised nature of the film implies a special aspect and freedom of artistic creation and shifts the creative process to post-production.

Episodes 1. Der Cowboy und die Schurken 1, 2. Der Cowboy und die Schurken Vol. 2, 3. Mother Death

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