Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cosmic Cowboys (TV)

Les Cosmic Cowboys - French title
Cosmic Cowboys - English title

A 2003 French, Chinese television production [Alphanim, Telepool 2003 (Paris), Agogo Media
(Hong Kong)]
Producer: Francois Rosso
Director: Hugo Gittard, Laurent Nichols, François Rosso
Teleplay: Stéphane Beau, Manon Berthelet, Muguette Berthelet, Vincent Dubost, Luc Lefebvre,
Sergio Manfio, Frédéric Mintoff, François Rosso, Marc‑Antoine Sauvillers
Photography: Eddy Marx [color]
Music: Brice Lee (Brice Montessui), Steve Wener
Running time: 52 episodes x 13 minutes

Curtis, Dook, Cereal Bob, Nonna/Granny, Sheriff Mammy, Deputy Roscoe

Animated comedic space western spoof featuring two intergalactic bounty hunters in the year 3000. Curtis the cat-goat mutant and his partner Dook, a humanoid mule who lives by a strict code of honor. They work for the enigmatic Sheriff Mammy who transmits from her cozy home. Their nemesis and public enemy number one is Cereal Bob, a pink rabbit who always finds ways to escape from Deputy Roscoe’s jail.

A 52 episode French, Chinese co-produced 2003 TV series. Each episode was only 13 minutes long.

Episode Listing:
1) Split Poisonality, 2) Cosmic Cast  3) Diploma Dilemma, 4) Spatial Agent , 5)Flying Rodeo 6)
Boxing Day, 7) The Ties That Blind!, 8) Galactic Voodoo, 9) The Tortoise And The Hare!, 9)Statue Of Imitations, 10) So Long Saloon, 11) Hallowed Hologram, 12) Promotion Commotion, 13) Vase That, 14) Double Trouble, 15) Genie In A Throttle, 16) Heros Tolerance, 17) Psycho Switch, 18) Bad Baby, 19) Guest Work, 20) Pyramid Scheming, 21) Running Joke, 22) The Ghost Ship, 23) Game Over, 24) Mission Implausible!, 25) Superguy, 26) Vacation Drill, 27) Luck Out Below, 28) Cosmics In The Blizzard, 29) A Cereal Christmas, 30) Spaced-Out Momma!, 31) Twiddle Dee Dumb, 32) Star-Strangled Banter, 33) Hot Dog Bob, 34) The Pig Escape, 35) Good Lux Charm, 36) A Shrinking World, 37) Ecomaniac, 38) A Mysterius Tale, 39) Grabbit And Run!, 40) Liar's Lair, 41) Space Fan-Atic, 42) Friend Or Fiend?, 43) Malicious Malicia, 44) Space Castaways, 45) Trading Spaces, 46) Cosmic Clowns, 47) Debt Or Alive, 48)
Abracadabra-Bob!, 49) Pumpkin Dispatch, 50) The Cereal Brothers, 51) unknown, 52) unknown  

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