Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fernando Di Leo Documentary screening tonight in Rome.

Two years of work between research material, interviews, production for the realization of “Down by Di Leo” A journey of love discovering Fernando Di Leo, by Deborah M. Farina (who wrote the film case Paranoyd and Anarchitaly. Cinema expanded and underground Italian 1960-, presented at the VII International Film Festival in Rome), the definitive documentary on the director and intellectual Apulian Fernando Di Leo, who will screen a preview of the Circle Cinema Dino Risi Trani in an evening-event next April 16 & 17. The event will be developed on a talk moderated by noted film critic Marco Giusti, in the presence of the director, actors and authors of historical transmission Stracult (RAI-2) which Luca Rea, Nicola Di Gioia, Nicola Vicidomini and direction 'Dino Risi' in the figures of Lorenzo Procacci Leone and Vito Santoro. The meeting will continue the screening of the documentary: a two-hour excursion to an intimate and personal portrait of one of the greatest authors of Italian genre cinema and at the same time an immersion in his film world, from noir gangster or mafia-movie, to Italian police, to the comedy sexi / generational politically motivated, in films such as Boy Burn Burn, Milan Caliber 9, La Mala Order, The Boss, The Twenty Years. Made in collaboration with the Experimental Film Centre / National Film and Video Rare, Down by Di Leo (who sees the subject and the screenplay, alongside Deborah M. Farina, Domenico Monetti and Luca Pallanch), runs into the mood of the narrative circular, from the end to find the start. Since the introduction of Pier Paolo Capponi, by reading one of the poems of the director comes from the collection Intentions, alternate chapters of the existence of a refined man, sensitive, cultured and are revealed unknown traits of his personality (and the lights the shadows of his poetic writing, the euphoria of adolescence, the profound anarchy and sexual freedom as achievement, revolution and liberation from dogmas obsolete). Then alternate the testimony of friends and family of the director: Sister Rita Di Leo, the brother Aris Accornero and grandchildren Dario Accornero and Giuliana La Verde; the close friend Renzo Arbore, companion of raids between boys Foggia in the years of post-war high school (here also a consultant to the musical part jazz); Vincent Eagle, co-writer in the spaghetti westerns; the actor-fetish Gianni Macchia and even Barbara Bouchet, Gianni Garko, Sergio admirers, Peter Berling, Lino Banfi, Galliano Juso, Quentin Tarantino. A corollary of the event, April 17 there will be a reading of the poetry collection Intentions at the library Moon Sand Trani, where the reading of the poems, will alternate a discussion on the thickness of the literary director moderated by Vito Santoro and Lorenzo Procacci lion with Deborah M. Farina, Nicola Vicidomini, Luca Rea, Nicola Di Gioia. Appointments: Thursday, April 16, 20:15 h. 20:30

Circle Cinema Dino Risi, Via Andrea Ciardi 26, Trani
Meeting and screening of the documentary "Down by Di Leo. Journey of love discovering Fernando Di Leo" by Deborah M. Farina; moderates Marco Giusti, with Deborah M. Farina, Luca Rea, Vicidomini Nicola, Nicola Di Gioia, Lorenzo Procacci Leone, Vito Santoro

Friday, April 16 & 17, 2015 h. 19:00
Library Luna sand, via Mario Pagano 193, Trani, Italy
Reading the poetry collection "Intentions" by Fernando Di Leo; discussion moderated by Vito Santoro and Lorenzo Procacci Leone with Deborah M. Farina, Nicola Vicidomini, Luca Rea, Nicola Di Gioia

Down by Di Leo

A 2013 Italian production [Experimental Film Centre / National Film Archive, Raro Video (Rome)]
Producer: Domenico Monetti, Luca Pallanch
Director: Deborah M. Farina
Screenplay: Deborah M. Farina, Domenico Monetti, Luca Pallanch
Cinematography: [color]
Running time: 120 minutes

Story: Documentary on discovering the films of Fernando Di Leo

Pier Paolo Capponi, Rita Di Leo, Aris Accornero, Dario Acconrnero, Giuliana La Verde, Renzo Arbore, Enzo Dell'Aquila, Gianni Macchia, Barbara Bouchet, Gianni Garko, Sergio Admired, Peter Berling, Lino Banfi, Galliano Juso, Quentin Tarantino

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