Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Aurora Clavel

Aurora Clavel Gallardo was born in Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca, Mexico. "Pinotepense to the hilt" as she names herself, at an early age she felt an attraction for the arts, so she moved to Mexico City where she began her relationship with the artistic medium. With almost 50 years of experience, Aurora has participated in a large number of films, both Mexican and foreign. In the United States she participated in films such as “The Wild Bunch”, “Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid” and “The Mosquito Coast”. In Mexico she participated in films such as “Tarahumara”, “La soldadera”, “Does Pedro Infante live?” and “Vagabunda”. She has also had an outstanding career as a television actress, participating in the soap operas. ‘Los ricos también lloran’, ‘La fiera’, ‘Monte Calvario’, ‘El pecado de Oyuki’, ‘María Isabel’, ‘Abrázame muy fuerte’ and ‘Alborada’ among many others.

She declares herself in love with her homeland, so much so that she acquired property ("a small plot with a little cabin") to remember her childhood days. She has been named "Pinotepa Nacional's favorite daughter" three times and "Woman of the Year" from Oaxaca.

In January 2011 she announced that she would open a School of Dramatic Arts in the village, after the project was approved by the Mayor Carlos Sarabia Camacho, who also on that date paid tribute to her for her 50 - year career.

Referring to her project, Aurora said: “I am very happy because my homeland is not known for improvisations; we need people with preparation, with studies. That's why I'm going to start an institute, because I want to teach young people what a woman or a man from the province can do. I want to instruct them in everything I have learned in 50 years that this difficult Art has given me, which has led me to international recognition. So I want to leave a legacy, like a fingerprint for the youth of my land."

Aurora is currently also the first member of the ANDA Honor and Justice Commission.

CLAVEL, Aurora (aka Aurora Clavell) (Aurora Clavel Gallardo) [8/14/1936, Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca, Mexico -     ] – poet, theater, film, TV actress, married to Simon Armengod (19??-19??).
Guns for San Sebastian – 1967 (Magdalena)
My Friend Winnetou (TV) – 1979 (mother)

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