Monday, October 14, 2019

European Western Comic Books ~ Kentucky

This western comic book series was first released in 1955 and contained eight issues beginning with issue #1 on September 20, 1955 and ending with issue #8 on  December 11, 1955. It was published in Rome, Italy by Editrice C. Cecchini, under the direction of  Nello Conforti with each issue containing 16 pages with black and white pages with color covers.

The series followed the adventures of different characters Kentucky Joe by Sar-Gui (Guido Sarcinelli) (KJ); Terry Carson (TC) by Annibale Casabianca; Roy Drake ROY (RD) and Bill West (BW) by anonymous authors based on the adventures of The Cisco Kid. It also announced an issue #9 "Bandito di ferro" (Iron Bandit) with Bill West (BW) which apparently never saw the light of day.

Issue Titles
01 (20.09.55) - “Giustizia è fatta” (Justice is Done) (KJ)
02 (00.00.55) - “Assalto al treno” (Assault on the Train) (KJ)
03 (00.00.55) - “Aquila nera” (Black Eagle) (KJ)
04 (00.00.55) - “Vendetta” (Vendetta) (KJ)
05 (00.00.55) - “Attacco al pianeta Gamma” (Attack on the Planet Gamma) (TC)
06 (00.00.55) - “Il mistero del rancho d’oro” (The Mystery of the Golden Ranch) (BW)
07 (00.00.55) - “Il rodeo” (The Rodeo) (RD)
08 (11.12.55) - “Il diavolo d’argento” (The Silver Devil) (BW)

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